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Yahoo offers the ability to access email without passwords

6:14 am |
yahoo email access with username

Yahoo announced on Thursday that email users of the Internet company will have access to their email with just their username and without entering a password.

The US company said on its official blog that …

Zowi: BQ dancer robot for children

6:28 am |

Since its inception the BQ company has been closely related to education, software, educational programs, and gadgets designed for the smallest of the house. Today they have gone a step further with Zowi, a cute …

DJI Osmo, 4K camera with 3-axis self-stabilization

5:53 am |
DJI Osmo

DJI is one of the manufacturers of drones more acquaintances between the fans advanced of the air recordings. They have pioneered quality video recording and vibration from the heights with their quadricopter. Now they presented …

BlackBerry Priv: Blackberry trying to resurrect with Android

12:47 am |
Blackberry Priv

Blackberry smartphones was the benchmark for the beginning of the century. Everyone wanted a smartphone with Blackberry technology and capabilities. But the iPhone arrived (and after this Android) and Blackberry began its slow but inexorable …

Apple patents an audio jack for exclusive earphones

10:31 am |
apple patents

A clear piece of news discovered a new Apple patent on an audio jack smaller than the 3.5mm mini-jack, intended for use on mobile devices, opening the door for them to be thinner than they …

Now come the most powerful 3D printers with higher resolution and larger format

4:51 am |

The truth is that the new generation of 3D printing comes to innovate and improve many aspects regarding the initial models. Now it’s the turn of Formlabs, more than a year ago it had its …

5 tips to maintain the security of your browser

12:45 pm |
maintain browser security

Total security is something unattainable, even so the user always has ways to keep that safety at the highest possible levels. Today we publish a series of simple tips that will allow the user to …

Reliable File Recovery from SATA Hard Drive

4:37 am |
recover hard drive

File recovery can be a very frustrating thing to do. Data processing and data storage today is very depending on computer technology. Lots of data are stored on computer hard drive and unfortunately, data storage …

Small Business IT Support Makes a Difference

12:27 am |
IT support

Running any type of small business today can be challenging. You need to deal with competition coming from all directions and all over the world. You want to do everything you can to make your …

Home Servers: What they are and what they can do for us

12:36 am |
home server

As the connected portable devices are becoming more numerous and laptops are getting lighter, there is a tendency that grows slowly but surely: that of a home server installed at home to meet certain needs. …