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Five steps to improve the security of a router

8:12 am |
security of a router

Improve the security of a router is required to strengthen our network infrastructure and save us headaches in the future. The router is one of the great forgotten by the user of on foot although …

Robohon, the humanoid robot that hopes to revolutionize the mobile telephony

5:16 am |

Robohon is a humanoid minirobot that dancing, chat, andalso works as a highly sophisticated mobile which aspires to lead that kind of telephony, has said its creator, Tomotaka Takahashi, also “father” of the first robot …

BigScreen, the interface of your PC in virtual reality

2:53 am |

Virtual reality is already a reality thanks to the kits that have presented numerous manufacturers, such as Oculus, Samsung and HTC, for example, and indeed we have seen different types of software that leverages fairly …

Second generation of Intel Compute Stick, analysis

11:08 am |
Intel Compute Stick

Intel has begun marketing the second generation of Intel Compute Stick, the reference in pocket computers that connected to an HDMI port make televisions or monitors in a functional computer, and that comes with interesting …

Mitsubishi works on a floating screen

5:52 am |
floating screen

Certainly it is not so interesting as the holograms in 3D of the Star Wars series, but the project of floating screen that Mitsubishi prepares has very much delight since it appears like a system …

Importance of VPN and benefits of its use for 2016

10:32 am |
importance of vpn

Imagine having a virtual private network for your phone, tablet or PC. To understand this it is necessary to take a look at the concept of VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a group of …

Oracle will end the Java Plugin for Browsers

3:11 am |
end java plugin

Oracle has announced that it will put an end to the Java plugin for web browsers, one of the most controversial software in the history of Internet and computer security. According to the company, this …

4 tips to improve the design of your blog

12:25 am |
improve design of your blog

Once you’ve chosen a platform for your business blog, it’s time to customize the design. This is a very important task because it is the first step for visitors interested to read the contents.

Designs with …

When Mobile Phone Signal is on the Blank Spot

12:40 pm |
mobile phone signal

A cell phone has become an essential human need these days. It touches on almost every aspect of day to day living. Without it, it’s hard to communicate, socialize, and even do business. Such a …

Kopimashin, hack machine which puts evidence in the industry

1:48 pm |

Peter Sunde, founder of The Pirate Bay, was condemned to two years of prison, but after leaving prison surprised us with a rather striking invention, The Kopimashin, a real hack machine that manages to bring …