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Microsoft re-inserts more advertising in Windows 10

3:54 am |
advertising in windows 10

Microsoft inserts a very intrusive advertisement in File Explorer to announce its payment plans with Office 365
If you thought that Microsoft had stopped advertising in Windows 10, you were wrong. It has been discovered in …

Skype no longer allows sharing files over 100MB

1:43 pm |
skype sharing files limit

The known VoIP system from Microsoft remains one of the most popular and used both professionally and particularly, a situation which as we know has led the Redmond giant to introduce many improvements recently and …

Seeing AI: Application that describes the world to the blind persons

9:06 pm |
Seeing AI

The Redmond giant has succeeded in giving shape to an event build very interesting and as usual its great ads have given a lot to talk about, in particular the inclusion of the Ubuntu Bash …

Holoportation, a marvel backed by HoloLens

2:47 am |

The people of Microsoft Research has surprised us with this fantastic video where we can see the technology referred to as Holoportation, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a kind of “holographic teleportation” …

Using the Run command in Windows 10

2:47 am |
command in Windows 10

The Run command is a quick way to open programs, files, folders, or Internet resource that facilitates interaction with the computer and saves time and effort when working with Windows and its applications.

Always present in …

Microsoft puts traffic cameras to improve Bing Maps

11:07 am |
bing maps traffic cameras

Microsoft has set up 35,000 cameras in 11 countries that have not been specified in order to improve Bing Maps. With this move the Redmond giant launched a new feature on its mapping service, traffic …

There will be no extensions for Microsoft Edge until 2016

6:04 pm |
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was presented as a whole technological revolution by the Redmond giant, and as one of the star applications that come with Windows 10. However it seems that it will cost to start off, …

Windows Hello can differentiate twins

3:44 am |
Windows Hello differentiate twins

The authentication system Windows Hello can differentiate twins, a detail that allows us to realize how interesting this Microsoft new system of biometric authentication.

Windows Hello as we know, in essence, a system of facial recognition …

OneDrive improves support of teamwork

2:38 pm |
onedrive improves support

Microsoft is rolling out an update to OneDrive that warns users when someone is editing a file that has been shared, either through a notification in the phone or email. Although this feature is now …

Microsoft redesigns Bing Maps to compete with Google

4:29 am |
bing maps

Microsoft has shown a redesign of its mapping service, Bing Maps, making it quite similar to its competitor Google Maps, an idea of double edge because on the one hand it loses personality, but on …