4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Desk

Most modern offices don’t feature much color in their design. The standard motif is usually gray cubicles set against a backdrop of white walls. As such, any spots of color that you add to your desk will stand out. You don’t even have to add large swaths of color to make your space look brighter. Fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to add some spots of color. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

brighten up desk

Potted Plants

If your cubicle gets enough light, then you may want to give a plant or two a new home on one of your shelves. Plants brighten your space in a number of ways. First, they bring in some much-appreciated greenery, which can boost spirits, particularly if it’s the middle of winter. Second, the pots they’re planted in can add some additional color and brightness, so choose them wisely. Finally, according to The Muse, plants clean the air, which adds both a psychological and physical burst of brightness.

Brighten Your Computer Area

Arguably, your computer is your desk’s focal point. As such, it should be one of the primary items you try to brighten up. There’s a couple of ways to do this. First, doing something as simple as adding a colorful laptop skin to your computer adds a pop of color to this portion of your desk.

Second, BuzzFeed recommends that cubicle workers place some books or some colored blocks under their computers. Doing this allows you to add more spots of color to this area of your desk, particularly if you choose beautifully bound books. This setup also gives your neck a break by allowing you to raise your head up as you work. Finally, adding a colorful blotter or even a small carpet sample under this configuration adds even more color to this area still.

Add a Bulletin Board

Aside from allowing you to keep track of your yellow and hot pink sticky notes, greeting cards from friends and even a whimsical coloring book calendar, a bulletin board can be where you hang a small mirror as well. This particular feature does double duty. It provides you with a mirror when you need to do a quick check of your face. It also reflects any light that’s already in your cubicle, making it look brighter.

Final Thoughts

Adding color to your desk brightens up your space and gives you a psychological boost. Adding touches, like plants, a colorful laptop skin or a pretty bulletin board brightens up even the grayest cubicle. Naturally, other personal touches, like family photos or even personal artwork, add brightness to your work space, too.