4 web design tips for WordPress

The web design of a website based on WordPress is essential not only for SEO positioning, but also in terms of improved visual experience for visitors. You remember that users often make a decision about the quality of the information before even reading it simply based on the web site design. Here we give some tips for WordPress that can be of great utility.

web design tips for WordPress

Color Schemes

The colors of a web page should be memorable since having a stable color creates high expectations. Therefore it is essential to use a palette of unlimited colors, making sure to choose and use two main colors and a font in black or dark gray that are consistent through every page of the site.

Large size sources

The creation of custom fonts on the site requires a little extra effort, but worth doing. When in web design carefully chosen sources that reflect the personality of the brand, the site will be much more reliable. Not only that, custom sources to help make the page stand out since a lot of sites on the Internet in fact use the same typeface.

Use images

The design of a web page requires an attractive visual impact component, therefore there is no better way to do that using images to supplement the content. Fortunately there are many free sources that allow you to use images. It is also important that the images fit the web page in the size and preferably with the lowest resolution that allows looking good without affecting its quality or the loading time of the site.

Formatting words

Not to be limited to only fill the site with content and arbitrary text, it is much better organize everything that is written using subtitles, short paragraphs and bullet lists. In other words, should make content to be as friendly as possible for visitors who do not feel overwhelmed with so much information that they get what they want and at the same time stay longer on the page.