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What is a Simple Way to Clean a Mac?

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Are you thinking about cleaning your Mac but not quite sure how to start? As you probably realize, doing so manually is almost out of the question as it will take ages for you to track down all the junk on your Mac’s hard drive if you were doing so by hand. Instead, if you’re looking for a simpler way to do so then that means automating the job in some way.

The answer to, “What’s the easiest way to clean my Mac?” is really quite simple: Enlist help from Movavi Mac Cleaner. Not only will it automate a lot of the work involved, but it will also let you clean an unprecedented amount of junk files as well as other unnecessary files that may be lurking on your hard drive.

How to Clean Junk Files
To clean junk files using Movavi Mac Cleaner can actually be done with just a single click. All you need to do is launch the software and let the scan that it will automatically initiate search your Mac for any and all junk files that it can find.

When that scan is done, it will display a report and let you remove all the junk that it has found with a click. If you’d like more control over which files are being deleted however, you could instead opt to determine the type of junk files that are removed.

How to Clean Other Unnecessary Files
Aside from junk files, the majority of the other unnecessary files on your Mac will come in the form of unused apps as well as leftovers from apps that have been uninstalled in the past. The ‘Uninstaller’ feature in Movavi Mac Cleaner will help you remove both of those, and it can even be used to delete native OS X apps that you may not require.

On top of all that you can delete any confidential business files securely with the help of the ‘Shredder’ feature, and also keep your Mac clean of any computer viruses and cyber threats with the included antivirus protection and firewall.

See how simple it is to clean a Mac using Movavi Mac Cleaner?