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Htc Desire Best Smartphone At Affordable Price

8:03 am |
HTC specifications

Nowadays, people can’t survive in this world without smart phones. It will be one of the most essential parts in their life that can provide various enjoyments, information’s and many more. There are numerous smartphones …

BlackBerry Priv: Blackberry trying to resurrect with Android

12:47 am |
Blackberry Priv

Blackberry smartphones was the benchmark for the beginning of the century. Everyone wanted a smartphone with Blackberry technology and capabilities. But the iPhone arrived (and after this Android) and Blackberry began its slow but inexorable …

The wireless charging, great advantage of the Galaxy S6

2:02 pm |
Samsung Galaxy S6

Earlier this month Samsung unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, its latest smart tank: The Galaxy S6, the smartphone that leads its high-end line. What has changed from its predecessor, The Galaxy S5? What …

The next flagship model of Lumia will have a Snapdragon 810 processor

1:59 am |
microsoft lumia

The most powerful processor of Qualcomm, The Snapdragon 810, will be incorporated in all probability in the next flagship smartphone of Microsoft Lumia.

During the past 2014 Microsoft has released many devices aimed at the middle …

Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A: Desire to purchase mobile for 2015

2:57 am |
Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has officially announced the new version, we believe, the best mobility device having at its catalog. A Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A substantially improves connectivity with support for LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation (CA) enabling …

LG Fx0: Transparent smartphone with Firefox OS

11:49 am |
LG Fx0

The Korean company has introduced the LG fx0, a smartphone that breaks the routine that we’re used to seeing in the industry for two major points, it’s clear finish and operating system as it is …

LG L25, a smartphone with Firefox OS

12:42 am |
LG phone

LG L25 would be a new smartphone for filtering input range upleaks the highlight of which is the use of Firefox OS. Terminal specifications are not bad for a basic model because it would have …

Leaked specifications HTC One M9

7:21 am |
HTC One M9

There are many rumors that there are around HTC One M9, also known as Hima, and few are confirmed, however have been leaked some of which could be the future terminal specifications, and looks good …

Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu arrive in early 2015

4:55 am |
Meizu MX4

According to new information the Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu Touch could reach the market during the first months of next year 2015, great news for those who awaited the arrival of this variant of the …

The LG smartphone G3 ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop

6:44 pm |

The LG brand offers for a few months now a high-end smartphone called G3. Currently led by Android 4.4.2, it must enjoy an update to Android 5.0 Lollipop by the end of the year.

Officially …