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Panasonic CZ950

Panasonic CZ950, a stunning TV to not bet on Firefox OS

Each year the manufacturers launch their new product ranges and there is always one that strikes us above the rest. In a matter of televisions it was Panasonic whom surprised us with its Panasonic CZ950, …

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Mi Band 1S

The Chinese company has presented its new gadget, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, a bracelet focused especially on the health and sport that maintains the idea and the design basis of the previous model.

Mi Band 1S

This continuum means two important thing, on the one hand that lacks screen that to visualize proper functions, from what resorts to the connection with our smartphone to be fully operative.

On the other hand also contributes to the Mi Band 1S is very economical, so much so that its price to the change doing a direct conversion is about 15 dollars, approximately. Read the full story »

OmniRAT, a Trojan to control Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices


OmniRAT is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) on sale for only $25 and with which you can control (and spy) Android and Windows, Mac or Linux devices.

A couple of weeks ago the European police were …

Lenovo Yoga 700, convertible at affordable price

Lenovo Yoga 700

Yoga 700 is the new line of convertible from Lenovo for the consumer. A step below the Yoga 900, allows to gain access to the most attractive format of the computer science at a more …

WinZip 20 incorporates ribbon interface and support for social networks

WinZip 20

WinZip International LLC has released WinZip 20, the latest version of the famous compression application, which in recent times has lost prominence against WinRAR and other free alternatives like 7zip.

WinZip 20 incorporates some new features …

There will be no extensions for Microsoft Edge until 2016

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was presented as a whole technological revolution by the Redmond giant, and as one of the star applications that come with Windows 10. However it seems that it will cost to start off, …

Google Chrome already allows to mute tabs individually

google chrome mute tabs

Google Chrome wants the user to have as much control over the contents is reproduced through the website. As we know, for years many websites include sounds, either because they are video portals or because …

Importance Of Video Converter For Customers

Importance Of Video Converter For Customers

Apple is one of the largest and successful brands in the world. Many people are giving special importance to this product because of its features. Each version of the apple product will have additional facilities …

Zowi: BQ dancer robot for children


Since its inception the BQ company has been closely related to education, software, educational programs, and gadgets designed for the smallest of the house. Today they have gone a step further with Zowi, a cute …

DJI Osmo, 4K camera with 3-axis self-stabilization

DJI Osmo

DJI is one of the manufacturers of drones more acquaintances between the fans advanced of the air recordings. They have pioneered quality video recording and vibration from the heights with their quadricopter. Now they presented …

Apple patents an audio jack for exclusive earphones

apple patents

A clear piece of news discovered a new Apple patent on an audio jack smaller than the 3.5mm mini-jack, intended for use on mobile devices, opening the door for them to be thinner than they …

Now come the most powerful 3D printers with higher resolution and larger format


The truth is that the new generation of 3D printing comes to innovate and improve many aspects regarding the initial models. Now it’s the turn of Formlabs, more than a year ago it had its …