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HP announces new workstations and professional monitors

The company has unveiled new technological advances created to help artists, creatives and developers to have their designs and products to life more quickly and effectively.
HP Z Turbo Drive G2: Storage optimized for the workflow …

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how to data recovery

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how to data recovery

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Intel release Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick

Intel announced launch of the Pocket PC Intel Compute Stick, in versions with Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). In a little more than a flash drive format, an HDMI port to connect a TV or monitor …

The next generation Apple TV will not support 4K

apple tv not support 4k

All indications are that the next generation of Apple TV will hit the market later this year, but it is expected to incorporate new features, there is one that surely will not come, support for …

Whatsapp User Base will keep on growing

whatsapp apps

Who in the world would not want to make and receive calls or send or receive messages without spending a single penny? I guess not even a single person. The world we live in today, …

Twitter Periscope: live streaming video app

twitter periscope

The immediacy of live streaming is fantastic, and in some respects, see the images disappear after completing its distribution (as is the case in Meerkat) adds one more to it. The thing is that we …

The wireless charging, great advantage of the Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Earlier this month Samsung unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, its latest smart tank: The Galaxy S6, the smartphone that leads its high-end line. What has changed from its predecessor, The Galaxy S5? What …

Android 5.1 comes with HD calls and new anti-theft options

Android 5.1 Lolipop

Google has made Android 5.1 officially Lollipop, an update that brings some really important developments, especially those related to error correction, and also very interesting features that integrate natively in the operating system.

The version …

This is the new Apple MacBook

new apple macbook

Apple introduced a new Macbook, thinner, only 13.1 mm at its widest part, said the head of marketing Phil Schiller in the Californian city of San Francisco. The new netbook reduced one-fourth thickness with compared …

This is what a hard drive looked like in the 1950s…

refurbished hard drives

… and why buying refurbished hard drives need not be a nightmare
Back in the 1950s, the harddrive did not exist as we know it today. Barely noticeable in size, the modern day hard drive sits …

Project Management Software That Goes Hand In Hand

project management

It’s such a great experience to work with online project management software that just works. Managing a project is a complex job in that there are so many sensitive areas that project managers need to …

NVIDIA HairWorks in Far Cry 4

NVIDIA HairWorks

The technology NVIDIA Hairworks is aimed at improving the overall graphic quality of human hair and the fur of animals, a detail that can make an important difference in games like Far Cry 4.

Yes, in …