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future of 3D printing

The future of 3D printing goes through print in gel

3D printing is a technology that is revolutionizing the way many people face design problems. With 3D printers you can create all kinds of products and objects, although at the consumer level can be used …

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digital signage

Digital signage now makes it possible for audiences to receive highly engaging information in a very interesting, modern way. Health care and retail businesses were among the first that took advantage of this opportunity, with the travel industry now starting to recognize the options that are available. Interactive digital signage like what Navori offers is definitely going to be used in tourism with the main purpose of encouraging the travelers to fully explore destinations. The technology can be used in so many interesting ways, with the following being some really interesting examples.

digital signage


Tourists can navigate the destination with digital signage and the travelers are actively encouraged to explore because of the interactive information that is offered. The technology offers wayfinding capabilities so people can learn about the attractions present in the area while also being able to find the best possible route between two points. Read the full story »

Amazon will launch its own chat app called ‘Anytime’

amazon chat app anytime

It has been discovered that Amazon is working on its own chat application called Anytime. This is an application that will work on Android or iOS phones, desktop and watches like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear …

Microsoft wants to give the internet using the signal that the televisions no longer use

connect the internet

A new Microsoft project wants to connect the Internet to rural areas using radio frequencies that were used to broadcast television signals and are now obsolete.

With this plan, Microsoft does not want to become an …

Reap The Benefits of Google Adwords For Your Business

benefits of google adwords

Businesses in today’s times have to rely heavily on the Internet and digital space. If a particular brand or business does not have a presence online, then that particular business is definitely missing out on …

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier, a new graphics card designed to undermine Bitcoin

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier

AMD announces the arrival of a new graphics card to the market, but it is not a normal card, because it is focused on the people who use these components to undermine cryptocoins like Bitcoin …

Logitech G Powerplay, the pad that wirelessly recharges the mouse while playing

Logitech G Powerplay

The mice seems to be something of the past, or at least something that no one cares about unless they play with their computer. Logitech is one of the best known peripheral brands and has …

First image of Tesla Model Y, the electric car without mirrors

Tesla Model Y

During the presentation of the results of Tesla, showed the first image of the first compact SUV from Tesla: the new Tesla Model Y.

Elon Musk is a clever, very clever guy and knew perfectly well …

How to Recover Important Deleted Files

data recovery

Organizing your data files will give you some advantages. Deleting unimportant files can save you more storage space. Therefore, your PC can have better performance. Unfortunately, sometime you delete important files accidentally while you are …

Apple HomePod, the smart speaker for Apple Music and Siri

Apple HomePod

Apple has introduced a new product in its developer conference and is a speaker for use with Apple Music and Siri. This is Apple HomePod and it has 7 speakers inside and the same processor …

First images of ‘Fuchsia’, Google’s new operating system


Google does not have enough with two operating systems, Android for mobile phones and tablets, and Chrome OS for cheap computers, which have managed to sneak into education systems. Fuchsia is the union of the …

Windows 10 to launch ‘Timeline’ to synchronize PC applications with iPhone and Android

windows 10 launch timeline

Microsoft does not stop updating Windows with small but important news. During its developer conference in Seattle, the company has announced a new update of Windows 10 Creators Update for this fall.

The update, which will …