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Google Translate for iOS and updated Android, now translated text in images

Little has taken Google to respond to Microsoft and its proposed real-time translation for Skype, update yesterday its translation app for iOS and Android.

Now Google Translate for iOS and Android incorporates an interesting novelty, Word …

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FRITZ!DECT 200, an ally to care for consumption


Smart plugs have come on strong and certainly are an interesting option because they offer a number of functions that allow us to better control the consumption of our devices. Within the catalog of AVM we find the FRITZ!DECT 200, a very affordable solution that allows us to access all advantages of smart plug with a controlled price.


Unlike other models that use WiFi technology AVM model connects DECT, limiting its operation in conjunction with routers FRITZ! Box with this technology. Read the full story »

New Nintendo 3DS XL, international release

New Nintendo 3DS XL

A poster for the international launch of the new portable console New Nintendo 3DS XL, indicating availability from 13 February.

Now on sale in Japan, it is an evolution of the 3DS, more powerful while backwards …

Movavi- for converting any DVD format video to any preferable mode

dvd converter

Nowadays it is seen that the use of DVD is gradually decreasing as there has been various mobile devices, memory cards, flash drives etc. But many people have lots of movies in DVD format. So, …

Boom Beach Online Game

One of the best attributes of the current day mobiles and related gadgets is that they allow the users of these gadgets to make the most of the entertainment options anywhere, any time and that …

LG Smart Watch with webOS; goodbye Android?

LG Smart Watch with webOS

The guys at Android Central have “caught” at the fair in Las Vegas a LG Smart Watch with webOS (not officially presented) confirming the new generation of wearables for the South Korean firm with its …

Intel presents the Broadwell-U processors

Intel Broadwell

Intel has announced launch of new Broadwell-U processors in CES 2015, the fifth generation of Core processors designed to motorized laptops, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks, 2 in 1, AIOs all in one and mini-PCs.

It is the …

Possible specifications of iPhone 6 Mini

iPhone 6

A new rumor has left us a reference to the possible specifications of iPhone 6 Mini, a terminal that should not be considered as “economic” or “low cost” , since what is wrong in such …

15 inch Dell Chromebook with Intel Broadwell

dell chromebook

Confirming the increase screen size and potential of the new generation of portable in Google cloud, from Taiwan report the arrival in the first quarter of 2015 one of the biggest and powerful Dell Chromebook.

Very …

Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A: Desire to purchase mobile for 2015

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has officially announced the new version, we believe, the best mobility device having at its catalog. A Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A substantially improves connectivity with support for LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation (CA) enabling …

Tips on Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketing

The job of a digital marketing agency is to help companies choose the right agent for them. Brand awareness is something that these agencies also help companies to focus on. Something else that a digital …

LG Fx0: Transparent smartphone with Firefox OS

LG Fx0

The Korean company has introduced the LG fx0, a smartphone that breaks the routine that we’re used to seeing in the industry for two major points, it’s clear finish and operating system as it is …