Project Wing: Google experimenting delivery by drone

Last year Amazon unveiled its concept of delivery drone. It is now the turn of Google to unveil its home delivery project by drone. “Project Wing” is a project developed by the famous laboratory of research and development of Google [X], the innovation of the web giant branch.

Project Wing

Engineers at Google are going to Queensland in Australia for a few flights (i.e. deliveries) test. It was a success because their drone to deliver medicine, water, candy and food for a family of local farmer. Continue reading

OM/ONE, a wireless speaker with magnetic levitation

With the advent of smartphones, the choice of wireless Bluetooth speakers has become bloated. OM/ONE is an enclosure that stands out from its competitors because it uses magnetic levitation. This small Bluetooth speaker literally floats in the air above its base.


According to its designers, OM/ONE offers excellent sound quality in stereo with an output of only 3 watts and delivering 110 decibels. This speaker has a battery life of 15 hours on its rechargeable battery. An integrated microphone also allows the gadget to turn into cool tool for conference calls. For those who want a portable Bluetooth speaker, it will be enough to carry the “floating” sphere without its base wherever they want. As we can see, beyond the Bluetooth speaker, OM/ONE is for those who want a nice object. Continue reading