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Kat Walk

Kat Walk is the ideal complement for domestic virtual reality systems

In the absence of a few months for the virtual reality helmets of different brands start to land on a massive scale in our homes, there is still an issue that is not quite resolved …

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Touchjet Wave

If of so much using the mobile and Tablet are that when you are near a flat-screen television makes you want to drag icons or change channels by touching its surface, then you will like Touchjet Wave, an accessory that does just that, provide a kind of touch interface to our televisions.

Touchjet Wave

I say “kind” because in reality the screen is not touch, since no change is made ​​in it. What is used is an infrared system that detects the position and gestures of the user with your hands or the stylus included in the kit.

Touchjet Wave is very easy to install. Simply place on top of the TV (supports up to 60-inch models), plug it into the mains and a free HDMI port. Once this is done we can begin to run Android games and applications that will download via its WiFi connection. Read the full story »

OneDrive improves support of teamwork

onedrive improves support

Microsoft is rolling out an update to OneDrive that warns users when someone is editing a file that has been shared, either through a notification in the phone or email. Although this feature is now …

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Microsoft redesigns Bing Maps to compete with Google

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Smash the old tradition by using funny iPhone back cover cases


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Chrome TouchBot, the robot tester of Google for Android

Chrome TouchBot

The French Francois Beaufort, one of the most famous engineers of Google and one of the developers of Chromium, has posted on his YouTube and Google+ a video that shows Chrome TouchBot, a robot that …

The Snapdragon 820 would have a CPU at 3 GHz

Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm has generated much controversy with Snapdragon 810, a very potent chip yet has been plagued with problems of overheating, a reality that has made it lose interest quickly and that has led us to …