OneDrive allows uploading files larger than 10 GB

Microsoft has announced on the official blog of OneDrive storage on the enterprise cloud service now allows you to upload files larger than 10 GB.


Jason Moore of Microsoft says you can do this using the Windows or Mac application, and all mobile versions of OneDrive application and OneDrive website itself. Microsoft says that the increase in limits uploading the file size has been a highly requested feature. This feature will also be available for professional OneDrive users in the future, but the unknown is always present on when this will happen. Continue reading

RAY: Robot who parks your car at the airport in your place!

Most of us have probably been a fair bit arriving at the airport … The plane will take off in a few minutes but we still find a parking space, to park and run to the boarding area. Nothing better to stress a maximum…

ray robot

Designed by German Serva Transport Systems, RAY is a fully automated robot that can take over your car from your arrival at the car park until you return.

This robot comes in the form of a truck that will park your car for you. Just drop your car at the car park entrance and RAY will do the rest. It will initially scan the car to determine its size, embedded in the lifting and will the park quietly and safely through the many sensors and radars which it is equipped. Continue reading

TransWall: A transparent touch screen which can be used on both sides

Transparent interactive screens have already been talking to them over the years, but here is TransWall, a new technology that allows users to interact simultaneously each side of the screen, while seeing through.


Designed by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Korean researchers, TransWall is a screen that pushes the concept of transparent screens even further … This touch screen on both sides, is not only capable of displaying digital content, but may also provide haptic vibration feedback to the users. Continue reading

Microsoft ready to abandon the brand Nokia for Windows Phone

Microsoft recently acquired the business of Nokia smartphones, and now that the deal is done, the company is preparing to stop using the name “Nokia” to describe its smartphones “Lumia”. Of course, and all close to the mark, it’s not a big surprise. When Microsoft announced Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 his month, the brand name “Nokia” was barely mentioned.

microsoft windows phone

What is a little more surprising (but just a little) is that Microsoft also plans to stop calling its mobile operating system Windows Phone. On the contrary, it might just describe its future smartphones on Windows.

If the news is accurate, Microsoft will change its strategy of rebranding its smartphones before the holidays and 2014 New Year. Continue reading

Jibo: First social and intelligent robot for family

R2-D2, the famous robot from the Star Wars saga, had only better watch out… Here Jibo, a small robot connected, friendly and full of technology that wants to get up at home.


Seemingly far from humanoid robots, Jibo can turn its head 360 degrees and show emotions via a screen that displays a bright round can take different forms. Not being able to move independently, need to position it where you want, in the living room or in the kitchen, so it accompanies you every day. Continue reading

FingerReader: Help to real-time reading for the visually impaired

Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab are developing a solution for reading in real time for the visually impaired. The device is designed to offer a more natural and approach more intuitive reading compared with magnifiers, magnifying devices and other bulky for low vision, impractical to use scanners, especially in public places such as libraries or outdoor cafes … What to change the lives of millions of people.


FingerReader is in the form of a ring to be worn on the index. The user naturally finger tip the line of text to read and ring analyzes text in real time through an onboard camera and it instantly returns as audio using a synthesized voice. A vibration lets the user with the line breaks. Continue reading

ThinkPad Helix 2: The new Lenovo 2-into-1

The first device Lenovo ThinkPad Helix was launched in 2014, combining both a computer and a high-end Windows tablet with a keyboard dock, and especially a relatively high price.

thinkpad helix 2

Last week at the IFA 2014, the Chinese company has updated its Helix range with a new model that is thinner, lighter and faster. This is what Lenovo appointed, after much soul-searching, ThinkPad Helix 2, it is one of the first 2-in-1 ultrabooks powered by Intel Core M vPro processor- based Broadwell Architecture. Continue reading

Acer presents Aspire R13 and R14 laptops

Acer has unveiled at the IFA 2014 two new convertible laptops, can transform into a laptop, or tablet, thanks to a hinge that Acer appoints Ezel Aero Hinge.

Acer Aspire R13

The first is the Acer Aspire R13, which is a 13.3-inch laptop with a hinge that allows you to rotate the screen, so to position the screen in different ways. Indeed, for example we can bend the display to oppose the keyboard, and we can use it in tablet mode. Aspire R13 will be available in October for 899 dollars and more depending on the model. Continue reading

Gear VR, the virtual reality helmet for the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is no stranger to the launch of various portable devices. In fact, we do not learn that the South Korean company offers a wide range of smartwatches than any other manufacturer. But the next portable device of the company is a bit more of a niche device: Gear VR a virtual reality headset designed to work with the new phablette of society, the Galaxy Note 4.

Gear VR

In fact, the Galaxy Note 4 functions as the screen of the helmet. Just slip it into the headphones, tie it on your head, and voila. Continue reading

iPhone 6: More photos of the 4.7-inch model

The future Apple iPhone 6 will be announced at the press conference that the Cupertino Company has scheduled to hold next Tuesday, September 9. While we have seen hundreds of rumors for months, it is speculated that the future flagship in the crunched apple is presented in two versions, one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5 inch screen. Although some disagree, today a new leak gives us a little more information to put our teeth through photos of the new iPhone.

But while we expect to see the new iPhone 6 to 4.7 inches at the Apple keynote next week, it is still not certain that the model is 5.5 inches also unveiled during the same event. Indeed, as has been mentioned several times by multiple sources, it could be launched later in the year.

Anyway, the last photos of the iPhone 6, which you can see below, show the design of the new 4.7 inches iPhone 6. The conclusion: the design is similar to previous leaks. The images, show champagne and silver version of smartphone version and also provide a look at the back of the device where you will find the famous white stripes at the top and bottom of the unit. Continue reading