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Kopimashin, hack machine which puts evidence in the industry

Peter Sunde, founder of The Pirate Bay, was condemned to two years of prison, but after leaving prison surprised us with a rather striking invention, The Kopimashin, a real hack machine that manages to bring …

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end java plugin

Oracle has announced that it will put an end to the Java plugin for web browsers, one of the most controversial software in the history of Internet and computer security. According to the company, this move would launch the next version of JDK, scheduled for next year.

end java plugin

Java plugin for browsers has had a rather dark path in recent years, being more famous for its vulnerabilities than anything else. In fact on more than one occasion it has recommended disabling to avoid risks by different 0-Day vulnerabilities that have been in the news. Read the full story »

4 tips to improve the design of your blog

improve design of your blog

Once you’ve chosen a platform for your business blog, it’s time to customize the design. This is a very important task because it is the first step for visitors interested to read the contents.

Designs with …

When Mobile Phone Signal is on the Blank Spot

mobile phone signal

A cell phone has become an essential human need these days. It touches on almost every aspect of day to day living. Without it, it’s hard to communicate, socialize, and even do business. Such a …

The Best Data Migration and Backup Software You Can Possibly Find

data migration

Today, data migration software is absolutely needed by a lot of people. It is impossible for us just to stick to one computer or laptop and do all the work. At some points, we are …

Using the Run command in Windows 10

command in Windows 10

The Run command is a quick way to open programs, files, folders, or Internet resource that facilitates interaction with the computer and saves time and effort when working with Windows and its applications.

Always present in …

5 tips to attract visitors to your web

tips to attract visitors

Regardless of the type of business you have, it is absolutely necessary to have an Internet presence. Small business owners are increasingly focused enterprise pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks while neglecting their …

Swift, Apple officially becomes Open Source


Six months ago Apple announced that its newest programming language, Swift, would become Open Source by the end of this year, and we can say that it met as promised.

At the time the company said …

Xiaomi Yi: action camera for under $100

Xiaomi Yi

The action camera market represents a good seam that Xiaomi does not want to leave without exploit and therefore presented its Xiaomi Yi, an affordable model that comes with a pretty good specifications for what …

ASUS ZenBook UX305: Beating the MacBook Air in all fields

ASUS ZenBook UX305

If the MacBook Air is a reference in ultra-portable of consumer, attention to the renovation of the ASUS ZenBook UX305 because it beat them in all fields. A thin and light Ultrabook base hardware updated …

Microsoft puts traffic cameras to improve Bing Maps

bing maps traffic cameras

Microsoft has set up 35,000 cameras in 11 countries that have not been specified in order to improve Bing Maps. With this move the Redmond giant launched a new feature on its mapping service, traffic …

Htc Desire Best Smartphone At Affordable Price

HTC specifications

Nowadays, people can’t survive in this world without smart phones. It will be one of the most essential parts in their life that can provide various enjoyments, information’s and many more. There are numerous smartphones …