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What Do Gamers Really Want in A Monitor?

6:07 pm |
gamers monitor

Gamers are among the most demanding computer users there are.

Aside from the fact that they’re usually some of the most power-heavy users around, their computer needs may also vary from person to person. There’s …

Logitech G Powerplay, the pad that wirelessly recharges the mouse while playing

2:57 pm |
Logitech G Powerplay

The mice seems to be something of the past, or at least something that no one cares about unless they play with their computer. Logitech is one of the best known peripheral brands and has …

Nintendo Switch, the new console that can use at home or on the street

7:58 am |
Nintendo Switch

It is not necessary to be a fan of Nintendo or of the video games to understand that Nintendo has nothing to do with other brands like Sony or Microsoft. With Wii and Wii U, …

Kat Walk is the ideal complement for domestic virtual reality systems

12:21 am |
Kat Walk

In the absence of a few months for the virtual reality helmets of different brands start to land on a massive scale in our homes, there is still an issue that is not quite resolved …

New technology details of Final Fantasy XV

11:45 am |
Final Fantasy XV details

The graphics engine of Final Fantasy XV, known as Luminous Engine, has managed to leave us all with his mouth open to raise the bar for graphic quality of the series to a level that …

Retro Freak: The new retro console that can handle (almost) everything

1:33 am |
retro freak

The Retro Freak – nice name – is another of those magical consoles that use cartridges allow a handful of older systems. More or less in the line of the Hyperkin machines as the RetroN …

NVIDIA HairWorks in Far Cry 4

2:36 am |
NVIDIA HairWorks

The technology NVIDIA Hairworks is aimed at improving the overall graphic quality of human hair and the fur of animals, a detail that can make an important difference in games like Far Cry 4.

Yes, in …

Alienware is preparing a tablet to play

10:47 am |
alienware tablet

Frank Azor, General Manager of Alienware, dropped in a recent interview that the known company may be preparing a tablet to play. As we know the firm is one of the most renowned in the …

New Nintendo 3DS XL, international release

1:24 pm |
New Nintendo 3DS XL

A poster for the international launch of the new portable console New Nintendo 3DS XL, indicating availability from 13 February.

Now on sale in Japan, it is an evolution of the 3DS, more powerful while backwards …

Boom Beach Online Game

12:49 pm |

One of the best attributes of the current day mobiles and related gadgets is that they allow the users of these gadgets to make the most of the entertainment options anywhere, any time and that …