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AMD Radeon Vega Frontier, a new graphics card designed to undermine Bitcoin

2:29 pm |
AMD Radeon Vega Frontier

AMD announces the arrival of a new graphics card to the market, but it is not a normal card, because it is focused on the people who use these components to undermine cryptocoins like Bitcoin …

The importance of the SD card or how it became the standard of mobile storage

10:22 am |
importance of the SD card

Most of smartphones users around the world used as storage system known memory cards in SD format, a format that today clearly is considered the standard in what regards the storage used by many mobile …

Innovated Computer Cases for Improved Performance: The Thermal Chassis

5:13 am |
innovated computer cases

Long gone are the times when a computer chassis would only serve to house and protect the components from dust and moisture. Nowadays, these are advanced parts of the system that help fulfill various other …

WD My Passport Ultra: Analysis

1:25 pm |
WD My Passport Ultra

Despite the popularization of cloud storage solutions are still many users who prefer to keep their data in a controlled and physical support only for themselves. The Veteran series WD My Passport remains synonymous …

Reliable File Recovery from SATA Hard Drive

4:37 am |
recover hard drive

File recovery can be a very frustrating thing to do. Data processing and data storage today is very depending on computer technology. Lots of data are stored on computer hard drive and unfortunately, data storage …

Virtual Laser Keyboard Aoluguya, analysis

6:33 pm |
virtual laser keyboard aoluguya

The protagonist of our discussion today is one of the most curious products: a small Bluetooth device that projects a full keyboard on a flat surface and allows us to write in our smartphone or …

The Snapdragon 820 would have a CPU at 3 GHz

11:37 am |
Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm has generated much controversy with Snapdragon 810, a very potent chip yet has been plagued with problems of overheating, a reality that has made it lose interest quickly and that has led us to …

Samsung will soon begin to produce SoCs in 10nm

1:15 am |
samsung produce SoCs

The Korean giant unstoppable continues its advance and has announced it will soon be completely ready to start the production of SoCs in 10nm for mobile devices.

Currently The Exynos 7420 from Samsung is currently the …

This is what a hard drive looked like in the 1950s…

2:11 pm |
refurbished hard drives

… and why buying refurbished hard drives need not be a nightmare
Back in the 1950s, the harddrive did not exist as we know it today. Barely noticeable in size, the modern day hard drive sits …

FRITZ!DECT 200, an ally to care for consumption

6:21 pm |

Smart plugs have come on strong and certainly are an interesting option because they offer a number of functions that allow us to better control the consumption of our devices. Within the catalog of AVM …