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Create a laser charging system for drones to fly indefinitely

2:16 pm |
drones to fly

The US military has developed a laser charging system capable of sending energy to drones while they are in the air. Thanks to this, they can fly indefinitely.

The autonomy is one of the main problems …

PowerRay, the underwater drone with sonar that also fishing

2:26 pm |

Now that the drones dominate the sky, it’s time to look the other way. Specifically to the water of the seas and oceans where PowerRay wants to become the drone of reference. But who wants …

Amazon fulfills and delivers the first order using a drone

6:51 am |
amazon prime air

Amazon achieved what many qualified as mere promotion; make a delivery of a package by using a drone. And it does through its Amazon Prime Air service that allows deliveries of packages with a maximum …

DroneSeed, drones that help reforestation after fires

12:24 am |

After deforestation by fire or logging, DroneSeed drones can plant tree seeds 10 times faster than people….
The deforestation of the mountains because of people or large fires are not caused by humans are a major …

Robohon, the humanoid robot that hopes to revolutionize the mobile telephony

5:16 am |

Robohon is a humanoid minirobot that dancing, chat, andalso works as a highly sophisticated mobile which aspires to lead that kind of telephony, has said its creator, Tomotaka Takahashi, also “father” of the first robot …

Zowi: BQ dancer robot for children

6:28 am |

Since its inception the BQ company has been closely related to education, software, educational programs, and gadgets designed for the smallest of the house. Today they have gone a step further with Zowi, a cute …

Chrome TouchBot, the robot tester of Google for Android

9:06 pm |
Chrome TouchBot

The French Francois Beaufort, one of the most famous engineers of Google and one of the developers of Chromium, has posted on his YouTube and Google+ a video that shows Chrome TouchBot, a robot that …

Firefighter robot and its drone assistant: fire and action

12:40 pm |
firefighter robot

SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot) is a firefighter robot with included assistant drone, created under a project of the US military and the University of Virginia that uses emerging technologies of robotics.

It is a …

RAY: Robot who parks your car at the airport in your place!

10:15 pm |
ray robot

Most of us have probably been a fair bit arriving at the airport … The plane will take off in a few minutes but we still find a parking space, to park and run to …

Jibo: First social and intelligent robot for family

9:14 pm |

R2-D2, the famous robot from the Star Wars saga, had only better watch out… Here Jibo, a small robot connected, friendly and full of technology that wants to get up at home.

Seemingly far from humanoid …