RAY: Robot who parks your car at the airport in your place!

Most of us have probably been a fair bit arriving at the airport … The plane will take off in a few minutes but we still find a parking space, to park and run to the boarding area. Nothing better to stress a maximum…

ray robot

Designed by German Serva Transport Systems, RAY is a fully automated robot that can take over your car from your arrival at the car park until you return.

This robot comes in the form of a truck that will park your car for you. Just drop your car at the car park entrance and RAY will do the rest. It will initially scan the car to determine its size, embedded in the lifting and will the park quietly and safely through the many sensors and radars which it is equipped.

More extremely, RAY optimizes the available space and can, park up to 60% more than a traditional car park where we park our cars manually. Connected to the database from the airport, RAY automatically arranges and permanently vehicle location based on arrival times of return flights for passengers.

When we return, RAY has already prepared the delivery of our vehicle in the designated area. If we still need a few minutes to collect our luggage or if we simply wish to take an extra moment to restore at the airport, no problem, simply notify RAY via an application.