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I want to buy a cheap projector, does a model with DLP technology suit me?

5:51 am |
DLP technology

Domestic projectors have evolved a lot in recent years adding more features, resolution and functions, although basically, they continue to maintain the same technologies to generate the image. In the high ranges, it have LCoS …

5 Eye-Opening Design Innovations in Bluetooth Earbuds

6:02 pm |
Bluetooth Earbuds

Perhaps one of the best innovations of our time, Bluetooth earbuds have completely revolutionized our music experience. In this article, we take a step back to take stock of 5 eye-opening design innovations in Bluetooth …

Parrot Zik 2.0, real luxury headphones

2:59 am |
Parrot Zik 2.0

Parrot Zik 2.0, new version of one of the most desired mobile user for any Bluetooth headset. And the design and performance of this peripheral love to anyone who can pay that cost 350 euros.

Parrot, …

Mikme, portable and wireless microphone for your moments of creativity

12:08 pm |

If you play any musical instrument, offer videos or simply want to record your voices with the best quality in general can not resort to the microphones of the ubiquitous mobile phones, since the fidelity …

Helios, listen to music through solar energy

10:09 am |
Helios headphone

The market for headphones is very competitive. Besides the highly commercial industry giants such as Beats by Dre, a French start-up yet tries to impose with headphones concept of a new genus concept, very green.

Called …

JBL Horizon speaker to wake up with music and light

5:41 pm |
JBL Horizon speaker

Today, in the field of home audio, it must innovate to stay ahead. This is the niche chosen by JBL brand that offers a new light alarm clock radio speaker called Horizon.

Sound specialist, manufacturer …

Echo: Amazon wants to make intelligent speakers

2:36 am |
echo speaker

Amazon diversifies again. The web giant has just announced it will soon launch on the market a new generation of speaker, called Echo, connected, intelligent and able to be controlled by a single voice command.

The …

Cambridge Audio G2 speaker, to take the music with you

8:06 am |
Cambridge Audio G2

Cambridge Audio brand, known in the Hi-Fi area for the quality of its audio products, today announced the launch of a new compact Bluetooth speaker, G2, to be carried anywhere.

The Cambridge Audio speaker is …

Razer launches a sound bar called Leviathan

7:29 am |
Razer Leviathan soundbar

The Razer specialist solutions for gamers announced the commercialization of a new device for the manufacturer of joystick and other gaming accessories, a sound bar. Called Leviathan, it promises a sound environment conducive to video …

OM/ONE, a wireless speaker with magnetic levitation

12:17 pm |

With the advent of smartphones, the choice of wireless Bluetooth speakers has become bloated. OM/ONE is an enclosure that stands out from its competitors because it uses magnetic levitation. This small Bluetooth speaker literally floats …