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WattUp: Remote wireless charging for devices

2:08 pm |

For a couple of years, an unknown Energous Corporation has been trying to introduce WattUp in the national market, its low-power wireless recharging system for connected household gadgets that would allow, at a distance, to …

Panasonic CZ950, a stunning TV to not bet on Firefox OS

9:41 am |
Panasonic CZ950

Each year the manufacturers launch their new product ranges and there is always one that strikes us above the rest. In a matter of televisions it was Panasonic whom surprised us with its Panasonic CZ950, …

Touchjet Wave transforms your TV in large format on a huge touch screen

12:29 pm |
Touchjet Wave

If of so much using the mobile and Tablet are that when you are near a flat-screen television makes you want to drag icons or change channels by touching its surface, then you will …

Tips for Choosing a Home Security Alarm System

11:57 am |
home security

Your possessions are more valuable to you than a potential burglar could ever realise, so choosing the right home security alarm system is essential. However, the industry is a tough one, and many, many companies …

Magnetic card and door access control system keeps you secure

9:12 am |
door access control system

Door access control system as well as the magnetic card locking system at your door provides security as point of entry which is endlessly customized. The security system offers a person access a single door …

Home automation system Belkin WeMo Maker compatible with any electronic device

4:12 am |
WeMo Maker

Since a few months now, the company Belkin sells several home automation devices under the brand WeMo. Today, the manufacturer announced the WeMo Maker solution, a customizable system that allows you to control and monitor …