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Google fixes its ‘racist’ algorithm by deleting the gorillas

2:06 pm |
Google AI

In June 2015, a user of Google Photos discovered that the program labeled his black friends as gorillas. The artificial intelligence of Google was not able to distinguish a dark complexion of human from that …

Huawei Mate 10: Artificial intelligence in the mobile

2:08 pm |
Huawei Mate 10

In recent months we have found smartphones flagship with prices close to and even higher than one thousand euros. This is the case of the latest terminals from Apple and Samsung, and it is expected …

WattUp: Remote wireless charging for devices

2:08 pm |

For a couple of years, an unknown Energous Corporation has been trying to introduce WattUp in the national market, its low-power wireless recharging system for connected household gadgets that would allow, at a distance, to …

YI 4K+, competition of the GoPro Hero 6, but more economical

4:59 am |
Yi 4K+

YI is to the world of action cameras, what Xiaomi to mobile. In fact, YI is a spinoff of Xiaomi. With these credentials it is enough to say that the new YI 4K+ is the …

How To Protect Your Personal Data From Hacks

3:14 pm |
protect personal data

While technology makes things more convenient for us, it also exposes more people to risks, most notably personal data hacking. Are you sure your personal information is secure and away from prying eyes?

One of the …

LG Big Role in Groundbreaking OLED Technology

12:20 pm |
OLED Technology

Over recent years, there have been many advancements in the world of technology. This not just in terms of devices such as smartphones and tablets but also when it comes to home entertainment such as …

Protecting your mobile phone – Top tips for looking after your tech

3:35 pm |
protecting your mobile phone

These days, not many of us want to be without our mobile phones for any length of time. Grabbing our phone when we go out is as natural as grabbing our keys and wallet. Yet …

Apple laptops have an (unexpected) problem with the dust

2:33 pm |
apple laptops problem

More problems for the new generations of MacBook, where their keys are stuck by the accumulation of dust….

Apple faces again a problem with its laptops MacBook and MacBook Pro. The quality of these equipment, generally …

Breaking the security of Wi-Fi networks worldwide

11:55 pm |
breaking security of Wi-Fi networks

Rumors began Sunday night, but by Monday morning the worst omens have come true. Belgian researcher Mathy Vanhoef has discovered very serious vulnerabilities in the security of the Wi-Fi networks present in all the routers …

These tattoos change according to your state of health

12:41 am |
Dermal Habyss

The ‘Dermal Habyss’ project looks for the way a tattoo pigment alerts the changes in your body…..

A new project developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a type of …