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Social Media Listening and Why it Matters

6:38 am |
social media listening

To understand social media listening, we have to understand what social media is. However, it’s already 2019, and it’s pretty evident that everyone has a good grasp of what social media is and it’s effect …

Skype introduces subtitles in calls

12:43 am |
skype introduces subtitles

Avoiding misunderstandings or practicing a language different from your own by Skype from now on may be easier. The Microsoft service has announced the introduction of live subtitles for audio and video calls. The function …

WhatsApp starts advertising tests on messages

6:27 am |
WhatsApp starts advertising tests

Three years after Facebook bought WhatsApp; they finally start testing exclusive services for companies that will have to pay to send messages…..

WhatsApp already has a business plan to generate revenue for the first time. The …

How to prevent WhatsApp from sharing your information with Facebook

10:56 am |

WhatsApp announced major changes in its terms of service and privacy policy. Especially suit their new services such as audio calls, but also to warn that after the purchase by Facebook, WhatsApp will start sending …

Twitter Periscope: live streaming video app

1:08 pm |
twitter periscope

The immediacy of live streaming is fantastic, and in some respects, see the images disappear after completing its distribution (as is the case in Meerkat) adds one more to it. The thing is that we …

Facebook Lite, app focused on 2G connections

12:28 am |
Facebook Lite

A few years ago Facebook launched a project called Facebook Lite, through which aimed to provide a simplified version of its website which saved data traffic, especially focused on those countries that do not have …

Zuckerberg launches internet.org in Tanzania

1:09 am |
Zuckerberg launches internet.org

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, announced the launch of the application Internet.org in Tanzania. This initiative provides a series of free smartphone applications for users in developing countries internet.

The application presented in Tanzania included AccuWeather, …

Facebook launches Rooms, an application to create anonymous communities

3:57 am |
facebook launches rooms

Facebook has introduced a new application out of the laboratories of the social network. “Rooms” allow you to create forums to share messages, pictures on a common theme, without revealing the actual identity or having …