How Companies Like NetBase Help Businesses Use Social Media Listening Effectively

Now more than ever, businesses need to be in tune with their followers and consumers to be successful in such a competitive marketplace. One way businesses are getting ahead of the competition is by using social media listening tools. Social media is a power player when it comes to how consumers feel about certain brands. In many cases, it can negatively affect business. However, many businesses are finding how useful social media listening can be for business growth.

social media listening

What Is Social Media Listening?

Social media monitoring and listening is a way for businesses to track, analyze and then respond to conversations and posts consumers are making about their industry and brand online. Businesses that are not utilizing a social listening strategy are missing out on valuable insights from their customers. Below are some ways social media listening can benefit a business.

1. Lead Generation

The goal of any business is to be useful and make profits. For new businesses, the biggest priority is often the generation and conversion of leads. This can be difficult with the saturation of the current market. Even with the long list of digital marketing strategies available, such as digital advertising and SEO, it can be difficult for a brand to get their message across when other big brands are doing the same. Social listening can be a great way for new businesses to bring in the necessary leads to grow their companies.

2. Link Building

The most important component of SEO has always been link building. Social listening is an effective way to find brand mentions with missing links and be able to add your own. Many tools can help monitor posts on social media platforms that have the option of adding your link as a recommendation. Listening through social media can also help businesses find content related to their industry and contact the author of posts to offer valuable links for their readers interested in specific products and services.

3. Thief-Proof Strategy For Content

When it comes to digital marketing, content theft is a common occurrence. Not only does the act violate copyright laws, but it can also cause damage to a company’s SEO efforts. The worst-case scenario is someone stealing your content and getting higher rankings when using it than your website did. Because of this, it is crucial to create an alert to help monitor your content for theft.

4. Guest Blogging

There is no denying the benefits of guest bloggers. It is a great way to enhance an audience that is already engaged in your blog content. If you are wanting to grow your brand, it is important to find ways of reaching a bigger audience. To accomplish this requires excellent content. Finding social platforms that have engaged audiences for your guest blogging posts will need to be a priority. Social monitoring can be a great way to find the platforms that may be flying under the radar.

Getting Help With Social Listening From NetBase

Companies like NetBase can help businesses hone their social media listening strategies for the best results. NetBase is a leader in the world market for building brands and helping businesses connect with their customers and audience base using social analytics tools. Their platform can process hundreds of millions of data sources, including social media, to be used for making actionable insights for research, marketing, sales, customer service, product innovation and public relations.

The company is recognized as a leader in their industry because they always strive to get the best results for their clients. Their platform is run by advanced artificial intelligence software that can help your brand connect with your audience every second.