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WI-FI for events

7:38 pm |

Numerous events need a steady and reliable Wi-Fi network. As an industry leader, Trade Show Internet petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully to protect a Wi-Fi consumer’s freedom of choice. Since the year 2008, …

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Internet Performance

11:58 am |
internet performance

Are you experiencing slow speeds with your wireless network? Slow unrealizable speeds, flaky connections can make you think that you are subscribed to an ISP that has intermittent services. But the problem at times could …

Breaking the security of Wi-Fi networks worldwide

11:55 pm |
breaking security of Wi-Fi networks

Rumors began Sunday night, but by Monday morning the worst omens have come true. Belgian researcher Mathy Vanhoef has discovered very serious vulnerabilities in the security of the Wi-Fi networks present in all the routers …

Microsoft wants to give the internet using the signal that the televisions no longer use

11:30 am |
connect the internet

A new Microsoft project wants to connect the Internet to rural areas using radio frequencies that were used to broadcast television signals and are now obsolete.

With this plan, Microsoft does not want to become an …

Here’s when it makes Sense to Contact an IT Solutions Provider

7:42 am |
IT problems

Does it ever make sense to address an IT concern on your own? Are you better off consulting with an experienced and reputable IT solutions provider?

As a business owner, you may find yourself wrestling with …

The Internet of Things Is Taking Canada by Storm – Is Your Business Ready?

5:42 am |

A wastewater treatment facility operator gets notified via a smartphone app that an automated pump is not working properly, and he’s able to fix it before any other systems are at risk. Technicians at a …

Importance of VPN and benefits of its use for 2016

10:32 am |
importance of vpn

Imagine having a virtual private network for your phone, tablet or PC. To understand this it is necessary to take a look at the concept of VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a group of …

Oracle will end the Java Plugin for Browsers

3:11 am |
end java plugin

Oracle has announced that it will put an end to the Java plugin for web browsers, one of the most controversial software in the history of Internet and computer security. According to the company, this …

Google Chrome already allows to mute tabs individually

12:31 am |
google chrome mute tabs

Google Chrome wants the user to have as much control over the contents is reproduced through the website. As we know, for years many websites include sounds, either because they are video portals or because …

5 tips to maintain the security of your browser

12:45 pm |
maintain browser security

Total security is something unattainable, even so the user always has ways to keep that safety at the highest possible levels. Today we publish a series of simple tips that will allow the user to …