WI-FI for events

Numerous events need a steady and reliable Wi-Fi network. As an industry leader, Trade Show Internet petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully to protect a Wi-Fi consumer’s freedom of choice. Since the year 2008, the company has offered a wide variety of solutions to meet the requirements of its consumers. This includes plug and plays Wi-Fi for events for up to a maxim of 100 users or larger events where high-density wireless networks are designed and installed.


In addition, a qualified team of network engineers monitors the network on-site to ensure the network runs smoothly. This is highly important especially in events that are dependent on a steady Wi-Fi network. It is important to remember that no two events can be similar and neither can two Wi-Fi-systems. The company fully understands this and installs the appropriate equipment, from leading software and hardware manufacturers, to meet the user’s coverage and capacity requirements.

Wi-Fi services provided on-site include;

  • Wi-Fi captive portal and branded splash page, which is designed to let experimental marketers design the Wi-Fi experience for their guests with an objective to achieve their brand goals.
  • High-density Wi-Fi.
  • Network monitoring and usage reports.
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi.
  • Interference and risk alleviation.

Furthermore, it is important for those holding events to keep in mind that the company needs permission from the venue before they install their network infrastructure. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the event organizers to work on this with the venue managers. The company has a Certificate of Insurance ready upon request when venue managers request to see it before they grant permission for installations. However, if an event is taking place in a hotel or another rented venue, it is important for the event organizers to negotiate to bring their own Wi-Fi vendors before signing the lease agreement. If the venue requires in-house Wi-Fi vendors, then the event organizers should request separate vendor bids. To reduce costs, it would be wise to request a list of all associated venue fees including electrical, fiber cross-connect, patch panel, roof access, and other services.