Meet Your New Restaurant Tech Needs

If you’re an owner or general manager who wishes to implement a bit of technology to run your business efficiently, then you’ve got to check out the apps and the point-of-sale (POS) software tools below:

restaurant tech

The BentoBox system app

BentoBox has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and based upon what they offer to owners, it’s easy to understand why.

The BentoBox system offers an online business-in-a-box, featuring Websites, SEO marketing, promo and event media, and one-click reservation capabilities, just to name a few. The BentoBox system is perfect for the owner who doesn’t have the time or the resources to outsource all of these tasks to a variety of vendors. Instead, they can pay one simple subscription price, while gaining access to a host of vendor services.

Employee Scheduling with Findmyshift

Do you wish that there was an efficient way of managing your employee work schedules? Does the thought of creating a spreadsheet to try to manage the nuances of creating shifts, stacking shifts to ensure coverage, and last-minute employee call-outs make you break out in a cold sweat?

If so, then you’re not the only one, and that’s why Findmyshift was created. This is a webapp that allows owners to create employee schedules, communicate directly with staff, and stay on top of requests such as shift changes. The app also allows owners to track key aspects such as labor costs, time clocks, and payroll management.

Keep Tables Filled with OpenTable

OpenTable is a Software as Service (Saas) program that not only assists owners with the marketing aspects of operations, but also, it offers subscribers of the program some restaurant POS systems that’s required.

Owners and general managers love this program because it allows them to gain as much coverage as possible, but also, the program singles out new patrons to an establishment. In turn, the general manager or the owners can communicate with the new patrons, welcoming them and offering them incentives to pay a return visit.

Reduce Cancelled Reservations with Reserve

The Reserve app is an answered prayer for operators and owners who are sick of cancelled reservations, especially when the reservations are cancelled at the last minute. Before the end-user books a reservation through the app, they are informed that they will be charged a non-refundable fee for reservation no-shows.

The app also serves as a CRM for the restaurant by creating and storing data such as guest data, relationship-building information, and other touch-points that provide insight on the type of patrons who frequent the restaurant, along with how to serve them better.

Collect Dining Bills Efficiently with Cover

Here’s a common scenario: A table decides to spit the tab, causing a variety of payment methods to be dealt with and sorted out. Best of all, Cover is designed to work with a host of restaurant POS systems, and servers won’t need to handle credit cards or checks in order to sort out the final tab.

Socially Boost Sales with Onthebar

Imagine a scenario where your establishment is able to organically attract patrons, simply because they’re fans of your staff! That’s what you could realize through Onthebar.

It’s an app that allows current and potential patrons to develop an affinity with your staff. Fans of your staff can communicate with their patron fans, making them aware of specific work shifts, establishment specials, and new signature menu items. This is the perfect marketing tool for establishments wishing to go heavy on brand-building and public relations.