This is what you should not do when your computer stopped working

There are certain acts that we carry out automatically and that can later be passed on to us…..

Your computer does not start, hang, restart or run slowly. All these failures may be due to many reasons, but do not panic: what you need is to detect what is causing the problems and remedy. In many cases, the solution is found with the formatting of the computer, but sometimes not, for example, when it comes to something that has to do with the ‘Hardware’.

computer stopped working

Inexperienced users often try to fix the computer, without any success. If you can not find the problem, it is best to go to a computer expert who can help you to fix the computer. If we do not go to an expert, we may do something that damages the device more. These are the most frequent errors:

Delete system files

When the hard disk is full, the computer tends to work harder and, therefore, slows down. The problem occurs when you try to empty the memory, but files that are not known are deleted, but they are necessary for the computer and for the operating system.

By erasing these files you can cause the computer to change in some functions or become inoperable.

Do not restart the computer

When a new program is installed, the computer asks to be restarted. Ignoring these requests can adversely affect the computer and the operation of these programs.

Some applications need to be started from scratch to work properly. It is necessary to restart the computer whenever you ask and every time a program or application is installed, although sometimes it does not ask for it, it is the most recommended.

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Browse without a daily antivirus

This is one of the most important issues for a computer to be protected and work as it should, but many people do not use antivirus or have it expired.

Browsing without antivirus exposes your computer to malicious attacks from other pages that try to collect data from other people or trick them into paying, among other reasons. That’s why it’s so important to keep your computer protected with an up-to-date antivirus.

Hitting the computer

When the computer produces strange noises and behaves with some slowness, many people consider that hitting it can return it to normal. This is not like this.

The equipment is formed with small and delicate pieces. If you hit the computer and break one of those parts, the computer may end up breaking completely or there may be much more serious problems.

Open many pages at once

Sometimes, when we have many pages open, the computer crashes. The computers have a finite source of resources and when it is too loaded, the operation slows down and does not respond.

The error is to continue clicking on other tabs and opening other pages. The best thing in these cases is to wait for the computer to work again and close tabs that are not used.

Do not perform updates

Both Windows and Mac regularly update their operating systems. These updates are necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment. For this reason, when the computer asks for authorization to download updates, it is important to pay attention to them.

Do not uninstall old programs

It is common for the computer to accumulate programs throughout its useful life, but often accumulate applications and programs that we use only once.

All these programs take up space and slow down the operation of the computer. The solution is to review the programs and applications that we have installed and eliminate those that do not interest us. There are even special software to detect programs that we have not used for a long time.