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Eviation Alice

This is Eviation Alice, first 100% electric airplane

The Israeli company Eviation has created Alice, the first 9-seater electric plane for short trips between cities…..

Eviation has presented its first fully electric commercial aircraft, Eviation Alice, at the Paris Air Show in 2019. It …

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DLP technology

Domestic projectors have evolved a lot in recent years adding more features, resolution and functions, although basically, they continue to maintain the same technologies to generate the image. In the high ranges, it have LCoS systems such as Sony SXRD equipment or JVC D-ILA for prices above 2,000 euros, so if we do not want to spend a lot we must choose one of the other candidates: LCD or DLP.

DLP technology

They usually offer cheaper prices and in theory, they are more than enough to start us in the world of projection without spending a fortune, although this is not always the case, or at least not with many DLP-type models. Why? What inconveniences do they have?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector technology is chosen by many fans because of its high level of contrast, good brightness, great black quality and shadow detail and great sharpness. In addition, traditionally they have not had the annoying problem of the “grid effect” or visibility of the pixel structure in the form of a grid when we approach the image. Read the full story »

WI-FI for events

Numerous events need a steady and reliable Wi-Fi network. As an industry leader, Trade Show Internet petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully to protect a Wi-Fi consumer’s freedom of choice. Since the year 2008, …

Meet Your New Restaurant Tech Needs

restaurant tech

If you’re an owner or general manager who wishes to implement a bit of technology to run your business efficiently, then you’ve got to check out the apps and the point-of-sale (POS) software tools below: …

This is what you should not do when your computer stopped working

computer stopped working

There are certain acts that we carry out automatically and that can later be passed on to us…..
Your computer does not start, hang, restart or run slowly. All these failures may be due to many …

Social Media Listening and Why it Matters

social media listening

To understand social media listening, we have to understand what social media is. However, it’s already 2019, and it’s pretty evident that everyone has a good grasp of what social media is and it’s effect …

5 Eye-Opening Design Innovations in Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds

Perhaps one of the best innovations of our time, Bluetooth earbuds have completely revolutionized our music experience. In this article, we take a step back to take stock of 5 eye-opening design innovations in Bluetooth …

How Are Smart TV Apps Changing Consumers’ Buying Habits?

Smart TV

Smart TVs are fast becoming the status quo as far as TV sales are concerned. While the whole TV industry has one leg on the regular “dumb” TV, the other leg is firmly fixed on …

Skype introduces subtitles in calls

skype introduces subtitles

Avoiding misunderstandings or practicing a language different from your own by Skype from now on may be easier. The Microsoft service has announced the introduction of live subtitles for audio and video calls. The function …

How to calibrate mobile battery

calibrate mobile battery

Does your cell phone battery last less? Does the phone turn off unexpectedly? Does the screen indicate that the device is fully charged and suddenly the battery drops to 50%? These are some common problems …

Do you want to take control of your own work? – This will make you happy!

find place

You are missing one place to gather all your work information.
You think “why has nobody ever done this?”
Then you will like what you are about to read. Because this will make you life and work …

Why Independent Laptop Repair Hubs Are the Place to Go

laptop repair

More and more, major chain stores like iSmash and Knowhow are dipping their toes into the tech repair industry. These stores claim to repair your laptop quickly and cheaply, but do these computer repair shops …