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Anker Nebula Capsule

Anker Nebula Capsule: 100-inch projector with the size of a soda can

Anker is best known for being one of those brands that fill online stores with batteries and cables for mobile phones. They make very good, simple and cheap products, but there are times they embarks …

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Google invents Chat

Google wants to convert ‘Chat’ in the default message service to fight against Apple and Facebook while maintaining compatibility with classic SMS….

Google invents Chat

If you think that filling in the boxes of your income statement is difficult, you should study the history of Google and all your attempts to create the definitive chat application. It is a story of disasters and malicious good intentions that should be studied in business schools. It turns out that after more than a decade trying, Google believes to have the definitive chat application and call it “Chat”. It will be available on all Android phones. Read the full story »

Nest Hello, the bell with camera that controls your door from the mobile

Nest Hello

The first connected ring tone of Nest sends high-definition video from your door directly to your mobile…

Nest, the home connected objects company from Google, already has its first camera bell that you can use from …

Online Systems that are Beneficial for your Business

online systems

In today’s digital era, even businesses are tech-savvy. They make use of the latest technologies and consider such as an investment. Failure to adapt to the changing landscape could mean being left behind by the …

7 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Internet Performance

internet performance

Are you experiencing slow speeds with your wireless network? Slow unrealizable speeds, flaky connections can make you think that you are subscribed to an ISP that has intermittent services. But the problem at times could …

Google revitalizes email with AMP technology

amp for gmail

An extra life, that’s what Google seems to have found for one of its key pieces, Gmail. The giant has announced by means of an entry in the corporate blog the incorporation of the AMP …

The Effective yet Safe Mac Data Recovery Solution and How to Prevent the Data Loss Effectively

data recovery solution

Getting some info for the various ideas in dealing with the data recovery in Mac device will be really important so that the use of the reliable software of Mac data recovery will be something …

Apple HomePod, 7 limitations to overcome

Apple HomePod

The Apple’s love and hate story with the speakers comes from long. Years ago they had in their catalog a huge docking speaker for iPod that was a failure. Previously, they included in iconic models …

Huawei Mate 10: Artificial intelligence in the mobile

Huawei Mate 10

In recent months we have found smartphones flagship with prices close to and even higher than one thousand euros. This is the case of the latest terminals from Apple and Samsung, and it is expected …

WattUp: Remote wireless charging for devices


For a couple of years, an unknown Energous Corporation has been trying to introduce WattUp in the national market, its low-power wireless recharging system for connected household gadgets that would allow, at a distance, to …

YI 4K+, competition of the GoPro Hero 6, but more economical

Yi 4K+

YI is to the world of action cameras, what Xiaomi to mobile. In fact, YI is a spinoff of Xiaomi. With these credentials it is enough to say that the new YI 4K+ is the …

LG Big Role in Groundbreaking OLED Technology

OLED Technology

Over recent years, there have been many advancements in the world of technology. This not just in terms of devices such as smartphones and tablets but also when it comes to home entertainment such as …