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What Can A Solution Architect do For Your Business

11:43 am |
solution architect

To get a clearer understanding of the role of a solutions architect, we will first look at what solution architecture and what it entails.
According to Techopedia, solutions architecture is the systematic “process of creating a …

5 Main IT Solutions Services That Help Businesses Run

4:52 pm |
IT Solutions

Technology continues to push business to become more efficient, robust and powerful. Companies are constantly changing their strategy to implement better technology processes and solutions. When implemented, those solutions allow the business to run smoother. …

Google fixes its ‘racist’ algorithm by deleting the gorillas

2:06 pm |
Google AI

In June 2015, a user of Google Photos discovered that the program labeled his black friends as gorillas. The artificial intelligence of Google was not able to distinguish a dark complexion of human from that …

How To Protect Your Personal Data From Hacks

3:14 pm |
protect personal data

While technology makes things more convenient for us, it also exposes more people to risks, most notably personal data hacking. Are you sure your personal information is secure and away from prying eyes?

One of the …

These tattoos change according to your state of health

12:41 am |
Dermal Habyss

The ‘Dermal Habyss’ project looks for the way a tattoo pigment alerts the changes in your body…..

A new project developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a type of …

Google does not deny HTC buying rumors

12:56 am |
google and htc

Google seems to have a lot of interest in buying HTC … without remembering the Motorola fiasco

That HTC is in trouble is nothing new at all. The company started selling its mobile division a few …

How Digital Signage Can Be Used In The Travel Industry

5:51 am |
digital signage

Digital signage now makes it possible for audiences to receive highly engaging information in a very interesting, modern way. Health care and retail businesses were among the first that took advantage of this opportunity, with …

Improve Your Productivity With These Awesome Office Hacks

7:58 am |
office hacks

The business world is moving at a dizzying pace. In order to keep up with its many demands, it is absolutely imperative to aim for productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to your employees. …

Online Security Tips for Work at Home Professionals

5:01 am |
security tips for work

As a work at home professional, it goes without saying that you have to act as your own IT department at times. While you may have access to the resources provided by your employer, since …

Sony patents wireless technology to share power from mobile to mobile

4:12 am |
wireless technology to share power

In the same way that you can pass a photo using Bluetooth from one mobile to another, Sony has patented a way so you can share the power of your battery with another mobile without …