Parrot Zik 2.0, real luxury headphones

Parrot Zik 2.0, new version of one of the most desired mobile user for any Bluetooth headset. And the design and performance of this peripheral love to anyone who can pay that cost 350 euros.

Parrot Zik 2.0

Parrot, a French company specializing in market leader in hands-free car kit, Bluetooth devices has always stood by the imagination and the quality of their products. And it has become the reference in niches as diverse as the drones or now of the headphone quality despite racing manufacturers with long roots in this market segment. To do this in addition to a technical concept of unquestionable quality, has opted for a first line design, signed by Philippe Stark – the renowned Frenchman designer – who is also the culprit of another product Parrot prestige: Zikmu Solo speakers. In addition, to make the experience more attractive for the user, these headphones are sold in lots of colors.

This second generation of headphones out for a more stylish design, lighter weight (17% lighter) and more space for the ears thanks to their new pads.

The helmets are presented in a very attractive transparent box that displays the product, its main asset. In it’s, as well as headphones and a small manual, minUSB charging cable and 3.5 mm connector. Highlight the high quality cables, according to the product.

Although initially designed for the Apple iOS platform, the new Parrot Zik works perfectly in Android. For both platforms is available free of charge the Parrot Zik 2.0 application where we can manage the duration of the battery, travel mode, equalizer presets, create user profile and share own settings …

One of the most spectacular options is the noise canceling function that literally allows us to isolate ourselves from the world. In an airplane for example, we have to throw imagination to hear the engines.

Connect our headsets with mobile is very easy from the settings screen of smartphone. Once “linked” the Parrot Zik saved presets and automatically connect to the last connected device. We can also enjoy them wirelessly on a Mac or PC computer or wired with any device that supports 3.5 mm jack. The latter operating in the passive mode and via battery power is not needed.

The helmets, made of aluminum are adjustable to all types of heads, large and small, thanks to its extendable arms. And it is important to put the entire ear within the pad so that the musical experience is clean, in addition to comfort.

One point that has greatly improved compared to version 1.0 of these headphones is autonomy, greater than net six hours at maximum quality (Concert Hall effect) or 18 hours in airplane mode. Still, if a user wants to extend this duration can always be done with an extra battery of 810 mAh for just over 20 euros. The charge time is about two hours. When the 100 x 100 is LED changes from red to white.

Access the battery is easy. Simply pick up the magnet housing that is in the left ear and remove it. But it is in the right ear where all the connectors and music management. Besides the miniUSB connector is the power button. An interesting provision – for the durability of the battery – is to set automatic shut-off for inactivity time. All management functions are performed from the application designed for mobile.

The Parrot Zik is controlled from the right earphone. You just have to rub with your finger up or down to increase or decrease the volume of the device. And for left or right to change the songs.

It also allows us to handle calls. To accept it only you have to touch the touch control panel. For cancel press the panel continuously for two seconds. You can also schedule a speech synthesis system to tell us who is calling.

To ensure a musical reproduction in all its depth and harmony, Parrot Zik 2.0 provides a 32 bits digital audio processing. The frequency of the output signal can be fully parameterized with the 5 band Pro-Equalizer of this new version. The helmets are equipped with DSP (digital sound processor) algorithms that reconstitute the sound, giving the impression that the music source is before us. This function, Concert Hall, recreates the acoustics of a concert hall. The Smart Audio Tuning of the application automatically selects the most suitable settings using labels of your audio files.

We can also create our own presets or use the multiple already created by prestigious DJs. It also has profiles so we can share our presets with our social environment. In short, this is one of the most elegant and powerful headphone in the present market.