Microsoft patents the “Cinema mode” for smartphones

Surely more than once will have been a co-chair who can not wait to finish the film to update his Facebook status or check the latest WhatsApp joke. To mitigate this problem Microsoft has patented a discreet way for mobile phones (inconspicuous mode for mobile devices) that may be available very soon for their terminal.

cinema mode

The new Inconspicuous Mode automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, will reduce the information displayed on the home screen and eliminate any kind of sound. The best thing is that it will be possible to activate it remotely using the phone sensors; well, you could schedule a program to send a signal via Bluetooth to all terminals to come in cinema mode automatically, activate via GPS coordinates (detecting when you’re inside the room) or using a NFC gateway at the entrance.

Imagine that at the time of purchase the entry our terminal already know which session will be and when they must enter in “cinema mode” without having to configure anything.

This type of solutions are the response to proliferation of smartphones and tablets and the arrival thousands of wearables devices of all kinds, if used improperly, can become the best show in a stressful torture. Good for Microsoft but if we allow a tip, it is best to completely turn off the smartphone and enjoy a couple of hours off without disturbing others. What do you think?