Zowi: BQ dancer robot for children

Since its inception the BQ company has been closely related to education, software, educational programs, and gadgets designed for the smallest of the house. Today they have gone a step further with Zowi, a cute robot which can be assembled and disassembled for children to learn the operation of robotics in a simple and fun way. This robot will complement other familiar products like Zum Kit.


Zowi can be used from the moment in which out of the box. Depending on the age of the child and their pace of learning can increase the complexity of the tasks performed. The first thing is dancing, walking, 90º turning and other simple movements. Each child can create from that moment of Zowi projects using the bitbloq programming platform.

It has an application available for Android, and consists of:

  • An ultrasonic sensor to determine the distance of objects around it
  • A microphone
  • A buzzer
  • A 5 × 6 pixels LED matrix
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4,040 mAh battery.

The Zowi weight is 461g and has a height of 140mm, about a foot and if you want you can change the head using a 3D printer. Without a doubt, an educational toy that we had already liked when we were kids.

Zowi be available in November for €99.90.