Boom Beach Online Game

One of the best attributes of the current day mobiles and related gadgets is that they allow the users of these gadgets to make the most of the entertainment options anywhere, any time and that too, at very reasonable costs. In fact sometimes the users of the mobiles can enjoy programs and games that do not cost anything at all.

boom beach online game

Realizing that the mobiles of today have positioned themselves as potential personal accessories, the game manufacturing companies of the present day are releasing various mobile friendly versions for these users. This has also led to an increase in the number of online gamers all over the world. There are countless games available for the individuals who use mobiles. These games can be played online or downloaded to the mobile sets according to their compatibility.

This way the individuals can enjoy these games even in the offline mode. These games can be selected according to their genres and the interest of the users. One of the rapidly growing popular game in the current times is the Boom Beach Online Game. This game is a new combat strategy game and was created by ‘Supercell’. The storyline of the game involves a war raging against the evil Blackguard. The players are required to;

  • Explore the uncharted archipelago
  • Protect towers by using residence/sawmill as “meat shields” to fire more shots at enemies
  • Free enslaved islanders
  • Guide the troops for attack

However, it is worth mentioning at this point that the game Boom Beach Online Game cannot be played in the offline mode and needs connectivity to the internet.

The Boom Beach Online Game is sure to keep the players glued to the screens of their monitors for long hours as it is very gripping and entertaining. However only those who have the iOS7 device will be able to enjoy this game.

This game was released in March 2014 on App Store. While most of the virtual items required for improving the game can be bought using the game money or points, there are a few which may require actual money payments. In order to be able to download this game to their gadgets the users have to be of thirteen or older than this age. Those who are planning to buy Boom Beach Game online items using actual money must make use of password protection option on the Google Play Store app.