How Digital Signage Can Be Used In The Travel Industry

Digital signage now makes it possible for audiences to receive highly engaging information in a very interesting, modern way. Health care and retail businesses were among the first that took advantage of this opportunity, with the travel industry now starting to recognize the options that are available. Interactive digital signage like what Navori offers is definitely going to be used in tourism with the main purpose of encouraging the travelers to fully explore destinations. The technology can be used in so many interesting ways, with the following being some really interesting examples.

digital signage


Tourists can navigate the destination with digital signage and the travelers are actively encouraged to explore because of the interactive information that is offered. The technology offers wayfinding capabilities so people can learn about the attractions present in the area while also being able to find the best possible route between two points.

Offering WiFi Internet Access

Property value is automatically increased when WiFi is offered. Digital signage can be a part of a large WiFi connection offered all throughout a destination. People that find the free WiFi and what to connect will be drawn in by the signage technology. Push notifications can actually be used to enhance communication, offering a brand new way for businesses to attract tourists.

News Sharing

Visitors can easily learn much more about destinations and then make a truly informed travel decision with the use of digital signage. This is possible through offering live information for users. Interactive self-service will surely offer data about local news, events and weather as this is quickly becoming a norm.

Local Shop And Business Promotion

Local businesses now have access to a really interesting advertising platform thanks to the evolution of digital signage. The travelers are practically connected to the local shops, restaurants and so on with digital signage. A self-service solution can encourage people to visit different parts of the area where they are. Local businesses end up with higher revenue at a price that is normally lower than the regular marketing options that are available.

Analytics Collection
Analytics collecting is something necessary for all businesses these days as they have to measure content effectiveness and ROI for the ads that are purchased. With the use of digital signage a lot of data can be gathered, thus learning so much about the users that are connected. All the knowledge that is gained with analytics would then be leveraged with the main purpose of tailoring the content offered to the visitors. This ultimately increases ROI.


On the whole, digital signage is still at an early development stage but what is possible with this tech at the moment is definitely remarkable for various industries, including travel. The options that we presented above are quickly gaining traction because of how useful they are. The local economy can so easily be improved and the local businesses are definitely those that are going to profit the most. However, companies that offer digital signage technology will also benefit from new income opportunities.