Improve Your Productivity With These Awesome Office Hacks

The business world is moving at a dizzying pace. In order to keep up with its many demands, it is absolutely imperative to aim for productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to your employees. As the saying goes, “it isn’t about the hours your employees work, but the work that they put into those hours”.

office hacks

When time is used efficiently and productively, it creates a chain reaction. Greater efficiency means better output; better output means better service; and better service means pleasing your clients and increasing your revenue. Moreover, when your office is producing at a high level, your employees are more likely to be healthy and happy.

Here are some simple office hacks that you can follow to ensure that your workplace productive at all times:

1. Office Automation Software

One of the easiest ways to improve productivity is to let machines and software do the work for you. Unlike humans, who get worn down by repetitive tasks, machines and software can sift through files and documents ad nauseum without blinking. However, also unlike humans, machines and software can’t think independently, which means that they aren’t able to perform work that requires cognition and creativity–like planning, thinking out of the box, and coming up with unique solutions.

Leave repetitive work to your machines and software and creative work to your employees. Not only will you be able to work faster, you’ll be able to give your employees the time and freedom they need to come up with new thoughts and fresh ideas.

Not sure where to start? Check out this list for 25 of the coolest office automation software in the market.

2. Wireless All-In-One Printers

Investing in wireless printers can increase your employees’ productivity by a lot. It allows them to print from the convenience of their workstations. This eliminates the need for them to go to the printing station themselves and queue for a long time to wait for their turn. With wireless printers, these queuing minutes can be saved and be used more productively. Not only that, your workplace can also be set free from unsightly cables that clutter spaces.

All-in-one printers can also save your employees time from going to one machine to another because with one equipment, they could already print, fax, scan, copy, and more. Many companies provide a wide array of printers and copiers that can help you print, fax, and photocopy conveniently and efficiently, all at an affordable price. If you’re looking to save check out this like for used printing equipment in perfect in condition.

3. Clean Desks Policy

While some journals say that messy and cluttered workstations can improve creativity, it can actually impair productivity at the same time. A contradiction? Perhaps studies show that productivity and income decline when mess and chaos rise. Furthermore, it tells us that an average person spends 4.3 hours a week searching for papers while executives waste 1 hour per day searching for missing information. Talk about a huge waste of time!

The solution? Implement clean desks policies that outline how your employees should leave their desks. Also, keep the workplace organized with smart printers from to prevent clutter and reduce overlapping work.

Additionally, there is now such a thing as “smart desks”, which are connected to a computer’s LAN and the internet. This phenomenon was first introduced around 2014, and has since been creating a stir in the tech world. Going digital eliminates paper clutter, sticky notes, pens with missing tips, etc.

These are just a few among many office hacks that you can implement in your workplace so that your employees can be more efficient and productive with their work for a better business.