5 tips to attract visitors to your web

Regardless of the type of business you have, it is absolutely necessary to have an Internet presence. Small business owners are increasingly focused enterprise pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks while neglecting their own business web.

tips to attract visitors

Without a good Web site, you will not sell online. You should treat your website like any other business customer service center. Every aspect should be designed to make it easier for customers to find you, get in touch and make the purchase.

So here bring these 5 simple tips to attract visitors to your website:

Master the basics of SEO
Your web site is designed for your clients, but for those customers to find you, the web must be designed so that Google and other search engines can find it.

Position yourself with the terms and relevant keywords to your business, so that positively affect visibility, web traffic and of course sales.

The search engine optimization is a science in constant evolution and construction of long-term traffic to your website. You can help from SEO comany to improve your website traffic.

Optimizing a website for search engines is much more complex than it may seem, but as a summary we can highlight these 3 points:

  • A unique product or service
  • High quality content
  • Relevant links to other websites.

Easily find you
Register your business in Google Maps, Foursquare records or Swarm direction, so that the lost client could come easily with their GPS Smartphone in hand. Customers to search for nearby businesses see yours listed, striking and descriptive, with a link to your web, email, address and contact number.

Develop a link building strategy
Top search ranking is not something you achieve your web treating as an island. You need inbound links to direct visitors to your website. Contact the editors of blogs that publish content relevant to your business and see if you can start writing as a guest, you could write a post and include a link to your site and get traffic.

Remember that you don’t do anything to directing traffic to your site if you fail to do conversions, which leave their data or subscribe to your newsletter.

For this you must have the calls to action or forms that attract the attention of visitors and invite them to do just what you expect.

Get help from social networks
Keep your communication through social networks and communication mean to say direct contact with your fans, name them, write them and share directly with them interesting information that would create a greater engagement between your company and them.

This is brand positioning, product recall, you will be in their minds and certainly when they want something related to your business the first thing you have in mind is that company that always come in networks and will visit your website in search of that phone number or address that will lead them to become your new clients.

Upload Youtube videos that tell stories of your company, your products, happy customers, testimonials, make a video of your new or local office, reports of the benefit that you think the community. This kind of video becomes viral on niche markets, in your sector or among your friends on Facebook.

Email Marketing
Slowly you’ve been putting together the database of visitors to your site, comment on Facebook with their emails and people who have given you their contact card in the supermarket.

Keep them informed of your company, interesting news, and your new product.

This is an excellent tool to engage your audience; including links to your website will increase visits and insurance.

Regardless of the size of your company, you need detailed contact information. Phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, do not settle for just a static contact form.