Build your website with Wix

There are more and more companies and freelancers who choose to create their website with tools like Wix. With this application we got through an intuitive interface and through simple drag & drop, go editing websites from Flash templates or from scratch. This means we can create effects and animations without programming. Thanks to HTML5, with Wix creations will be fully compatible on mobile devices.


Their designs are visually stunning and have a look truly professional. A series of introductory videos will give us a “walk” and will teach us everything we need to know if we haven’t used ever Wix, so it is perfect for the most denied to technology.

First, to begin developing the site, we need to register at, creating a new account, by entering an email or by logging on to Facebook or Google +, which greatly facilitates the task.

Once inside the platform, the first thing is to select the type of business for which we want to create the web, among a few preset sectors. This will allow us to access art and models related to the occupation of the company.
They come in different types, free and paid, and the good thing is that most of them are responsive. Once we have selected the template we want, an introductory video for a minute and half will explain the operation of the editor, although we will not need to see it, because the editor is extremely intuitive.

To go configuring the various elements of the web, so we just have to keep pressing on existing we want to change or go adding new pressing and dragging them where we want on the web, as if they were widgets. We can also go creating new pages within the structure of the site we are going to design.

We can customize the site completely with colors, fonts … and adding all the widgets we want. Once we give to save, but we can go see how is while we work our website in “Preview” or directly given to “live” so that everyone can come in our new website.