Cyclotron, intelligent modular bicycle inspired by Tron

This futuristic electric bike is packed with technology but will not arrive until 2017….

cyclotron bicycle

The “light cycles” of Tron have largely inspired the appearance (and name) of the cyclotron. An electric bicycle packed with technology that is under popular Kickstarter funding and whose most striking feature is circulated throughout the diameter of its wheels lighting.

But that is not all as it has more than 15 patents related to technology. These include the mono-chasis carbon fiber design that integrates spatial extent of the engine, brakes, transmission and gears.

Other of the most striking technological elements is signalling safety laser, which projected on the ground the safety rail for cyclotron more visible for the rest of the drivers. Also it is provided with an electronic gearbox or apps for iOS and Android that will allow to show diverse information such as the monitoring sensors Bluetooth, GPS navigation or alert service for accident or theft.

Less technological but more functional is the idea of using the space of wheels without radios to add the build in modules multi-functionality. Thanks to them you can add options to Cyclotron as slide drawers or an additional rear seat. The idea of “Utility Slots” is good, but it seems difficult to become truly functional.

Once you have overcome the barrier of 50,000 euros of its funding, Cyclotron is already underway and should hit the market sometime in the summer of 2017 at an estimated retail price of €1599.