Dubai will release flying cars this summer

The dream of flying cars is finally a reality, at least in Dubai where they start to work this summer….

flying cars on dubai

We no longer have to wait, the famous dream of science fiction with flying cars is already a reality in Dubai, where this summer will debut the first line of autonomous air vehicles. These are single passenger vehicles that will allow a person to be driven from one base to another.

The announcement of the United Arab Emirates road and transport authority this week marks the beginning of the test with actual passengers, although they have not given much more information, such as which route they will take or from where you may request to take you.

The air vehicles that they will use are the Ehang 184, the same Chinese company that manufactures some of the best-selling drones of last year, with permission from DJI.

This “flying car” of eight rotor weighs about 240 kilos, with batteries that give it about 25 minutes of autonomy, with a top speed of 60 km/h. It is a speed and sufficient autonomy to take someone from the central business district of a city on the outskirts and return.

Passengers should only select their destination, which is expected to be small heliports across Dubai or at skyscraper heliports. These are controlled automatically, although there is an operations center that checks in real time the state of each vehicle.