Gboard already on Android, the keyboard that you should use

If you have a smartphone, you have a virtual keyboard that allows you to write everything that goes through your head. Google launched a few months ago a new keyboard for the users of iPhone quite good, Gboard, finally comes to Android.

gboard on android

This is the ultimate keyboard that you should install, whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user. Gboard allows you to type quite fast because it uses information from your Google account to know how you write and get ahead of your words. But it has many more features that will make your life easier.

The most important thing is that Gboard lets you search Google directly from the keyboard. By clicking on its logo and typing your doubt, such as the name of a restaurant or weather information. If you are on Google, you can attach directly in a chat or a result in any application.

Gboard also has a function that you will not be able to believe that it does not exist in any more keyboards: a seeker of emoji. How was the Indonesian flag? Where is the emoji of the smiley face with glasses? And the unicorn? In Gboard by clicking on the section of Emojis you can do a search of that emoji that not find.

Emoji list grows increasingly and although some may seem obvious, do not always represent what seems that they are.

In addition, Gboard supports 100 different languages, which recognizes while you type. Thus, you can have the keyboard in Italian but write in English, while the keyboard displays corrections and suggested words in that language.

You can download free Gboard in Android. If you were already using a mobile with the previous Google keyboard, update the application. For iPhone users, it is also available free on the App Store.