Google presents Inbox to complement Gmail

The email began as a simple mechanism to send digital notes in the office. But since Gmail was launched 10 years ago – the email has changed enormously. We received more emails than ever: bills, social network updates, daily promotions, personal messages and even post “reminders” that we sent them ourselves with issues such as “Do not forget to go to the cleaners”.

google inbox

And, apart from that, we try to plan and perform tasks based on all those emails that appear on the small screen of a mobile phone. But the inbox unable to keep up with our busy mobile world depends on us to do almost all the work.

For all these reasons, Google has been asked: so what if reinventing everything that the inbox can do for us? The result is Inbox, ‘the next generation of email’ qualifies as the US company.

Inbox is a completely new product designed by the team of Gmail. It is a new version of the inbox created entry so that you could work with thinking, primarily on your mobile phone.

To date, only you can access Inbox through invitation. A new Inbox user sends more invitations to share among his acquaintances. Likewise, you may also send an email to to include you on the waiting list as they have more invitations.

What Inbox includes?
Bundles: Intelligent Grouping messages of the same type (for example, grouping all your electronic invoices under the common name “Finance”).

Highlights: To see more than just the subject lines. Highlights shows you the most important part of your email, e.g., phone numbers, flights, images and attachments.

Reminders: You can add your own reminders in a leading position in your inbox. Reminders are also integrated of Google Now.

Request invite: Inbox leverages the power of Google to bring you the information you need to perform tasks and carry out actions, based on the content of the mail. For example, if you write a reminder to call the computer store, Inbox will provide the phone number and opening hours of the establishment.

Snooze: Plan messages or reminders to return to your inbox or later when you get to a specific place.