Protecting your mobile phone – Top tips for looking after your tech

These days, not many of us want to be without our mobile phones for any length of time. Grabbing our phone when we go out is as natural as grabbing our keys and wallet. Yet as well as being a valuable piece of tech, our phones contain loads of our sensitive info right in the palm of our hands – as well as in the hands of any potential thief. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a property crime report in March 2016, with the finding that 446,000 members of the UK population experienced phone theft in the previous year. So what can we do to make sure we aren’t one of the unfortunate ones?

protecting your mobile phone

Common sense comes first

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we can’t find our mobile; patting our pockets and tipping out bags frantically. This illustrates the point that while we don’t want to be without our phones, we sometimes are a bit careless with them. We pop to the bar to get our round in, leaving our phone on the table. Maybe leave it in our bag on the back of a chair. All it takes to steal a mobile phone in a few seconds and an opportunity.

Being aware of our surroundings is an easy and free way to protect our valuable devices. Take a few seconds when putting your phone away to be mindful of where exactly it’s going. If nothing else, it’ll save you the frantic pocket pat later on.

Use built-in security features

With smartphone technology becoming more advanced, available security features are complex. The 2016 ONS report into property crime stated that ‘Changes in trends in mobile phone theft from 2010 can be linked to legislation requiring improved security to be incorporated into new phones. More recent falls may be attributable to improved security features on mobile phone operating systems’.

Features such as pin/password lock are easily set up. Remote tracking and device wiping can help with locating a stolen phone, or clearing out sensitive data stored on your device in the event that it falls into the wrong hands. UK Police have a great list of the security features available on each OS.

Pouches and lanyards

Yes, they may be like something your mum would have. However, you’ll always know where your phone is. They are so handy that they even give them away free at some festivals.

Wearable tech

The popularity of wearable mobile devices is on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. You can now use many of your phone’s features discreetly and safely on a smartwatch; an attractive solution for keeping your tech safe without having your hands full!

Mobile phone insurance

Of course, even with our best efforts, crime does still happen. An easy way to protect your valuable tech is with gadget insurance. Knowing that you’re protecting one of your most valuable possessions can give massive peace of mind.