Samsung introduces its new range of UHD monitors

Samsung expands its range of ultra high definition (UHD) monitors, to provide both consumers and professionals with a better viewing experience for those looking to enjoy their media content with maximum detail.

samsung UHD monitor

The new UHD monitors of the UE590 and UE850 series offer higher image quality to provide a more realistic viewing experience.

The UE590 series models available in 23.5 and 28 inch is ideal for those looking to view their content in high quality and for players who want to get a full immersion into their games. Moreover, the UE850 series offers a high resolution and perfect connectivity to achieve greater efficiency in professional tasks.

“After listening and the diverse needs presented by consumers and professionals, our advanced monitors UE590 and UE850 ensure the rapid transition of display technology and digital signage to a new standard UHD” said Seog-gi Kim, vice president and chief Enterprise Business team Visual Display Division of Samsung Electronics.

Higher quality and sustainable technologies
These new ranges of TVs allow detail four times greater than other full HD devices thanks to its more than 8 million pixels. Also, these are the only UHD monitors that incorporate AMD FreeSync technology, which updates the synchronization of the monitor with the frame rate of AMD graphics card, so users can enjoy their games without cuts and with a rapid capacity of response.

Samsung’s new range has been designed to ensure maximum user comfort. Therefore, monitors incorporate a way of eye protection that reduces the harmful effects of blue light in the eyes of the spectators. It’s also having an anti-blink function that protects the eyes against the tension of the flickering images experienced in traditional monitors.

In terms of performance, Samsung reinforces its commitment to sustainable technologies with these new monitors. To achieve this, the UE850 series is manufactured using 30% of recycled plastic. The Off Timer Plus function of the same series is also a measure of savings as it reduces the consumption of electricity and allows scheduled shutdown.