Seeing AI: Application that describes the world to the blind persons

The Redmond giant has succeeded in giving shape to an event build very interesting and as usual its great ads have given a lot to talk about, in particular the inclusion of the Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 with the next major upgrade, but we did not want to miss the opportunity to speak about Seeing AI.

Seeing AI

It is an application that gets to make life a little easier for people who are blind or some kind of severe visual impairment, and that works both in smart glasses and smartphones in a very simple way.

Saqib Shaikh, a blind software engineer who works at Microsoft, tells us his experience in the video to accompany you on the news, where we can see in more detail the possibilities offered by the application.

Seeing AI acts describing the world to the user, so that it can interact more and better with everything surrounds it, and even takes pictures following the indications provided by the application.

In short an excellent idea that seems to be well implemented and feel a great foundation on which to go to work to further improve its possibilities in the short and medium term.