Ten mistakes that we can not commit to hiring a web designer

Most companies already have a wealth of some years when it comes to creating and managing their websites. However, on many occasions and keep repeating the same mistakes when hiring a web designer, so the result, often if not all points are clarified before closing the contract may be unsatisfactory.

hiring web designer

And it is important first of all make clear some points, especially in the distribution of tasks, as when designing and creating a website is not going to depend on the person or company hired for this, but we have to do our part.

We will start to see some points that given by web design Phoenix, but certainly more than one occasion there have been more:

  • To think that all the work the designer does not only going to take the design, but without knowing our company is able to describe and sell much better than us. And all of this in addition many times at a minimum budget.

  • To order everything before yesterday and did not provide documentation necessary to start work until a week later. Problems of coordination are key, and many times it stands because we have not delivered texts, images, etc.
  • Problems with text and image formats. It is good that the company delivers it in a Word, for example, a vision of what they would like to show to see a product page, for example, but then must be aware that deliver must have adequate size and quality. Often include images of poor quality, with which it is very difficult to work.
  • Provide sufficient information to the designer. A triptych that we use three years ago is not enough to create a website, at least not one with a minimum quality.
  • Hire a designer that we don’t have references for completed works. Everyone needs a first down, but better if we see one or more pages designed for other before ours. The “prime effect” referred to one who designs web page… works but perhaps best left for other companies.
  • To think that with the design of the page the relation finishes when we have to have a maintenance, be including constantly new contents, progress of design or legislative adaptations as the case of the anti cookie law.
  • Ask to be the first in Google searches something which is not rare as request of all types of businesses, usually relying on a minimal budget and then once finished the page no investment to improve SEO.

  • Get carried away by design to have a very pretty or spectacular site but does not meet the business objective that our company in attracting new customers or translates the image of it in the web format.
  • Leave domain registrations and hosting in the name of the designer, which requested many companies do not want to worry about their pages once they are created, and they prefer it is all in the name of the designer, who will be with whom to contact if have any problem, renewals, etc.
  • The web is an investment not an expense. Therefore the goal is to attract more customers through the web, to know us, we are more visible and this is what we need to move to the web designer so that with his experience will help us do this.

It is important to assess the experience that is going to provide the web designer, clear and reflected in the contract all the necessary points and who is responsible for each one. Each in their field, company and web design Phoenix have to contribute their knowledge so that the result is a good web page.