Tricks To Successfully Play Swing Copters

By now, everybody would have heard of the Flappy Bird sequel, Swing Copters. Some say the game is not as phenomenal as Flappy Bird but it is certainly addictive and annoying just like the predecessor. Swing Copters when initially launched was quite difficult to play but ever since the update has been issued, some say the difficulty has reduced to a slight level.

Swing Copters

It is impossible that a player will successfully avoid the swinging hammers and metal means while navigating the small man with a propeller through the gaps. If you are wishing to hit a high score or beat some friend, you must know that it is only possible with a clear-cut game strategy. Yes, it is not impossible to make through the levels, you simply need to tap onto some tips and tricks.

As you start the game, you will become quite confused. The game starts with tapping but it is not that simple. If you have played Flappy Bird before, you can understand what level of difficulty you will encounter. You have to keep control over the copper because he can easily smash into the invisible wall. Before you get to control the copper, you will see the message game over and score zero. Tapping the screen can change the direction of the cooper’s flight but he will be going so fast that all he will do is end up slamming into the screen.

Your copper is going to float into the paths of the platform and the swinging hammers directly and this is going to kill him because of which the game will be over in just seconds. You must make the copper fly from left to right by tapping on the screen. This will help in dogging the obstacles that will come in the way. The only problem is that once the copper starts turning, he starts accelerating in that direction rapidly. There is a strategy to beat this problem too; pretend that there are two buttons on the screen.

It does not really matter where you tap, the game will alternate between two directions. Instead of just using a single finger, it is best if you alternate between your left and right thumbs. This will keep the player alive for a long time. Make a rhythm with this thumb tapping. That will help you in getting through all obstacles fast and you might even start enjoying the game.

The copper will fly without your control. Do not give him much time after the turn otherwise he will become wild. In order to act promptly, you can have both of your fingers primed so that you can tap as soon as you turn. You will have to keep on tapping left to right, right to left and back and forth to keep the copper flying. He will move horizontally though but you have to make sure that he does not hit the hammers.