When Mobile Phone Signal is on the Blank Spot

A cell phone has become an essential human need these days. It touches on almost every aspect of day to day living. Without it, it’s hard to communicate, socialize, and even do business. Such a scenario can happen to you if you reside in a place that has a poor or no cell phone signal.

mobile phone signal

This can be anywhere from a remote countryside where there are no cell phone towers in cities where there is interference of cell signals by tall structures, thick concrete and other urban structures. The results are often poor call quality, slow internet, call drops and low signal bars.

So what happens when you happen to stumble upon such a challenge? Climb the tree or fence every time you need to make a call? That can be too risky. Luckily, there are mobile phone signal boosters such as the O2 mobile booster that receive cell signals from any nearby base station/cell phone tower and amplify them to a level where your phone signal reception is at maximum.

Are O2 signal boosters effective?
If you live in an area with bad cell phone signal, you might be thinking of many options that might change your situation. One of it may be to switch to another network. Unless such a network has a base station nearby, switching networks won’t make much difference. This is because the strength of a cell phone signal reduces as you move away from the base station. Another option may be to use a VoIP or the traditional telephone system but, aren’t they so clunky? The good thing is that your O2 network can provide you with O2 signal booster which will improve you phone signal effectively.

Types of signal boosters
Signal Boosters come in two types: those that act as a base station and are directly connected to the network of the home user known as femtocells and those that receive signals from the base tower and amplify them in the user’s location known as signal repeaters. While femtocells give a wider coverage area and strong signals in areas that carriers are unable to reach, it can be used only in areas in which the carrier has registered cell phone frequencies.

With femtocells, you can get data access of your respective network on the internet. It is through this that you can get the o2 downloadable app that boosts your cell phone signal anywhere. Signal repeaters commonly have four units: directional antenna, cell phone amplifier, inside antenna and the coaxial cable. They can be used for every type of mobile phone and is not regulated, unlike the femtocells. The choice of an antenna to use depends on its accessibility, customization, signal coverage and restrictions from regulators.

Areas to use your O2 signal booster
Signal boosters can be used anywhere be it in buildings, vehicles or the countryside. If your home has a weak cell signal, you can use a fixed cell phone booster unit which can boost both 3G and 4G signals in any building. You can choose either small, medium or large units depending on the building that you intend to use. If you are travelling through valleys or countryside where the cell signal is absent or weak, then you do not need have dropped calls or low battery due to low blinking signal bars. O2 currently has a downloadable app that is free and can increase your signal range and strength at any place.

An O2 signal booster has many benefits; from avoiding dropped calls and faster streaming to increasing your cell phone battery life. No more dead zones!