ARRI Alexa 65, camera that captures in 6.5 K

Because nothing is ever enough, because it always takes longer, the specifications of our equipment technology never stop climbing. Barely 4K will invite us into our living rooms as its successors arrive. Here is the ARRI Alexa 65, a camera that shoots in 6.5K.

ARRI Alexa 65

Equipped with a sensor three times higher than that of Super 35 and considered as “the most competitive video sensor of the market”, needless to say, we could expect shooting absolutely gorgeous with this ARRI Alexa 65, if is that we have sufficiently filled wallet. No rate for the time or date of availability, but since ARRI does propose first of all that renting, we say that the bill will be huge.

The fact remains that if we have the need, the Alexa 65 offers with good grace its A3X CMOS sensor – actually composed of an assembly of three sensors of Alexa – its image area of 54.12 x 25 59 mm and the maximum resolution of 3102 x 6560 pixels – enough to rival the 4K! In terms of objectives, ARRI offers Hasselblad for this new sensor: 8 ranging from 24 to 300 mm and a 50-110 zoom.

Such specifications will have no trouble generating interest from professionals to specific needs, particularly in the world of cinema. Indeed, this kind of Monster should quickly invite on film sets.