iPhone 6 Plus would tend to twist in the pockets!

Since its launch on 19 September, iPhone 6 Plus has sold like hot bread. To the point that we should now wait roughly a month to receive its copy. And despite this, we learn that the smartphone is hampered by a problem of size. It would actually tend to bend when placed in a jeans pocket!

iPhone 6 Plus bend

One might think that this is a bad joke. Not at all: the iPhone 6 Plus has actually appears indeed a natural tendency to fold into pockets. Many smartphone users have reported the problem, through videos hosted on YouTube.

Here is an example which shows that it is relatively easy to twist the device to 5.5 inch screen:

And as you can imagine, this concern for scale, already nicknamed “#Bendgate” (from the English verb “to bend” , which translates as “fold” ), has not failed to arouse indignation right to left, and mostly on social networks. Apple was quick to respond, saying that there was (thankfully) a solution to this problem: the iPhone 6 Plus owners saw their mobile in their pocket fold are invited to visit an Apple Store or contact the firm to Apple to arrange a standard Exchange… charged close to €300. Thence that a “class action” is organized in the land of Uncle Sam, it could be that there is a step that American, known as procedural, should not hesitate to jump over.