AutoDraw: Google uses its AI to convert your doodles into drawings

If you have ever tried to make a drawing by hand using the trackpad of the laptop or the computer mouse, you will have realized that it is an impossible task to do something worthy of showing the world, unless it is the drawing of a child who is just learning what paint is, in that case it is the most beautiful thing ever created. Google has prepared AutoDraw, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to change your doodles for professional drawings.

google audodraw

In AutoDraw you will find a web where you can choose a tool with which you can draw on a blank screen. The first tool with the drawing of a pencil allows you to draw elements, which Google’s artificial intelligence will try to understand what it is. It shows you, at the top, professional design suggestions of what you think that you are drawing, with a high percentage of success in tests.

In addition to interpreting your doodles, you can also draw freehand, include text, fill with colors or add geometric objects.

It is not a very powerful tool, but enough to generate a drawing with objects that are recognized and that can even work to make presentations.

Do you want a drawing with a car, draws freehand two wheels and what you think is the bodywork? Maybe a stethoscope? Make the most basic figure you can and AutoDraw recognizes it. A cat? Again, draw as basic as possible and Google recognizes it.

AutoDraw uses learning algorithms, following the lines that you realize on the screen to turn them later into figures. This system learns as you draw and when you finish and choose the element that corresponds, continues to learn to understand that these scribbles, in our basic mind, it means a concrete figure.