Conductive ink introduces tough circuits in clothing

Japanese researchers have developed a conductive ink that remains useful even if stretched the garment up to three times its original size.

conductive ink

This is very important to incorporate electronics in sportswear; running may have hidden activities, sensors and other computing devices. The key researchers to create the conductive ink have been careful fluorine mixture, an organic solvent and silver flakes, which when combined maintain electricity transmission even with intensive use.

The current prototype of this conductive ink has been applied to a bracelet that tracks the movements of the muscles, and although for now it seems their marketing difficult because the circuits are too large scale production seems to be something quite feasible for T-shirts and bracelets. It is true that the “smart clothes” already exists, but this conductive ink promises to make it much more comfortable now.

In the long term this invention could replace in physical activity to the smartwatches and other devices to track the activity of the body, such as Microsoft Band.