Do you want to take control of your own work? – This will make you happy!

You are missing one place to gather all your work information.

You think “why has nobody ever done this?”

Then you will like what you are about to read. Because this will make you life and work so much easier – GeoCloud!

find place

GeoCloud is one of the most groundbreaking things in a long time. At least if you are looking to make your own life and especially you own job, a lot more comfortable. With GeoCloud you get a perfectly designed database, you can get to where ever you are.

GeoCloud is a system that allows you to gather all information, in one spot. And even better is, that if you combine GeoCloud with GeoScene 3D, you will get all the information you need just in one place. Everything I customized by the user in a organization specific Cloud – a GeoCloud.

In this system, you can open your work from e.g. GeoScene 3D and keep on working on it. And if that was not enough, you can also use it for others to get information.

When someone needs to access the information, it is done very fast and very easy. That is because it is divided into areas. You just search for the specific area and then it will be very easy to find.
You can, as said before, customize your very own system so your colleagues and partners can get to it very easy, and even without use of e.g. GIS or similar.

But this is not enough – you will also be able to see and organize all the data that is already in the system. This way, you can see a database over e.g. the wells, and put it into your own system, just by a few clicks.

So to be a little more brief – everything is right where you need it. All you have to do is combine GeoScene 3D with GeoCloud and you are good to go.

Why waste your time and using precious hours on putting everything into place, when you can just use the work you have already made I GeoScene 3D, and implement it in GeoCloud.

Last but not least the database on GeoCloud is being updated, so you do not have the trouble of doing it yourself.

This is the future of Geo Science!