Google Liftware, a technological spoon against Parkinson

Health being one of the beneficiaries fields of technological revolution that accompanies the last decades and Google Liftware, a technological spoon against Parkinson, is a good example of this.

google liftware

Parkinson’s disease is next to Alzheimer’s, the most widespread chronic neurodegenerative disorder. It affects ten million people and there is no known cure. Usually occurs after age 60 and causes progressive disability which has led to be known as “motion sickness”.

If you’ve been to one of these patients, you’ve seen the trembling of the hands at rest as an unmistakable symptom of the disease. And here is where comes this Google Liftware developed from the purchase of specialized company Lift Labs.

Technological spoon perceives the movement of the hand sensors on the handle and through hundreds of algorithms instantly makes necessary adjustments to improve balance, with clinical evidence showing that movements are reduced by 76 percent. It includes a small battery with autonomy of several days and its corresponding charger.

Those who are fortunate to not have Parkinson’s can see this development with distance but for the sick will be a breakthrough being able to feed by themselves, do not throw food and for example to go to a restaurant, something impossible up to now in advanced stages.

Comment that of the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, suffers from Parkinson, which may have been a plus for this development. Liftware already is trading at a price of $295 and includes the handle and support of regular table spoon. No cure the disease or the tremors but this technology can be used to improve the quality of life of patients in the health field.