iBeacon, the stranger Apple invention that could revolutionize the world

Several stores around the world have begun to actively use the iBeacon, an idea of ​​Apple filed a year ago but that happened almost careless between the new smartphones.


The beacons allow the usual shops retrieve the advantages of Internet shopping sales and organize it easy and orderly manner. That’s something we have already held several chains in the US and around the world, such as Walmart or Tesco, which already use ‘smart’ beacons to attract buyers and facilitate their efforts.

These beacons are small devices with Bluetooth wireless sent signals to smartphones buyers as messages that say “I’m here” and also allow stores to locate where the buyers are. The signals only reach to smartphones and tablets from consumers who want to receive them and have an application that interprets these signals.

How it works in everyday life?
A store, for example, has a promotion for a product can place a mark where the product is. Or you can place a marker at the entrance. And from the moment the system starts to target potential buyers sending signals to mobile devices.

Upon receiving the signal, the ‘smartphone’ can process according to buyer preferences. For example, if the beacon is a few dozen meters from the buyer, the ‘smartphone’ can trace a path towards the beacon like a device with GPS, or, for example, can send the information to buyer about certain products or offers of the stores.