Nixie: A wearable drone

Nixie is a project which aims to combine two of the latest trends in mobile technology: selfies and wearables. No, it is not a cap reserve to selfie. It is a drone that wear on wrist like a bracelet until it flies.

No, seriously.


Here’s the idea: the Nixie is a quadcopter with an integrated camera. But the chassis is not rigid. Instead, you can bend it around your wrist, and you can wear it while you’re hiking, biking, or doing other things. The advantage? You do not need to reach your bag to pull out a drone and a remote control.

When you want to shoot video you just have to raise your arm and a Nixie gesture will unfold and fly … but not too far. It will fly around you, automatically detect where you are, and you will remain in the field of it, so it captures the action. When done, it will return to its original position to you so that you can take your camera and submit it to your wrist.

That’s the idea anyway. Nixie is still in development and promotional videos combine a large number of concepts, with a few photos of a real prototype.

The Nixie developers participate in the design of Intel competition, Make It, where they will be on the finalist stage. The device is powered by a low-power chip from Intel, the famous platform Edison. If they win the Intel competition, they will get $50 000, which will help them move from the prototype to the real world.