The Impact of Website Speed in Business—Why Every Second Matters

There is no doubt that the Internet is no longer just a niche technology. It has become a mass media and an utterly indispensable part of modern life. It isn’t very bewildering that consumers lean on the unrivaled convenience of Internet when it comes to exploring and purchasing products. So, later is too late; invest on an outstanding website and your business will surly reward you beyond your imagination.

website speed

Here are 5 excellent reasons to consider a website:

1. Online Presence

Print and other traditional advertising are dyeing while Internet is thriving. A modest study reveals that 360 million people access the Internet around the world on a regular basis. They are shopping and causing online retail sales shoot up fast. According to an online Forrester Research Inc., online retail sales are expected to rise from $263 billion in 2013 to $414 in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% in the US. This shows that a huge number of people are using the Internet to make purchases. Products, services, brands and every other imaginable need or want is searched and bought online. Therefore, a business without a website is like leading potential consumers to a dead-end.

2. Cost-effective Promotion

The Internet has led us to places we never imagined a couple of decades ago. It has become an integral part of modern society. The number of Internet users has augmented tenfold from 1999 to 2013. The first billion was in 2005, the second billion in 2010, and the third billion in 2014. In my opinion, the website is the greatest marketing tool ever created. It can reach virtually anyone on the planet and provide a high return on investment. The cost is unimaginably low than the conventional adds such as cold calls, brochures and trade shows.

3. Consistent Communication

With the help of the website, you can effectively and efficiently communicate with your potential customers. A website will help you make your products’ information available to your potential consumers 24/7. In addition, you can also make pictures and videos for them. A picture or a video is worth a thousand words, but you don’t have enough space for a thousand words, do you? A website allows you to add pictures or videos to your products’ information. This means that it is more interactive than newspaper ads, brochures and so on. Most importantly, you can keep in touch with existing clients and find new ones with a website very conveniently. Thus, a website allows you to publish information and help clients 24/7.

4. Sell Product

With the advent of the Internet, business has reshaped unprecedentedly. An outstanding and captivating website could be the key to selling your products because people are comfortable with online shopping more than ever before. Most people skip TV ads or ignore direct emails, but they are inspired to seek out a product after reading articles about it. In that case, content marketing plays a vital role. A noticeable website is very much conducive for content marketing. Not having a website implies that you are invisible to netizens. This indeed will harm your sales leads. On the other hand, active presence online not only keeps you ahead of your competitors, but also allows you to keep in touch with your customers 24 hours a day.

5. Ability to Release Time Sensitive Materials Intended Time

A website allows you to release time sensitive materials in exact time. You don’t need to depend on the press requesting it not to publish before “such-and-such-time”. With a website, you are absolutely independent of publishing time sensitive information whenever you want to. You can publish sensitive information with all pertaining materials such as new product description, image, video, etc. at midnight or any time you specify. This means that you are able to release the information in right time for right persons who wait for the information to be published and the press that publishes your sensitive information early or late.