Virtual Laser Keyboard Aoluguya, analysis

The protagonist of our discussion today is one of the most curious products: a small Bluetooth device that projects a full keyboard on a flat surface and allows us to write in our smartphone or tablet. Is it as practical as it seems?

virtual laser keyboard aoluguya

It is comes in a simple package that besides the device includes brief instructions and a USB cable that will serve to recharge the device. The implementation can not be simpler: just press the power button and locate our smartphone to be automatically link. This unit is signed by Aoluguya, but it is a clone that you can find with other brands on the market.

The keyboard operation is based on three elements: a projector that is responsible for “draw” the keyboard on a flat surface, an infrared light and a sensor that detects the position of our fingers on the virtual keyboard, so we can use it as if it were a conventional one. To work well it is important to use it on a flat surface, which does not reflect and with the device resting on its base.

To be honest, the device is more curious than practical. It is certainly useful for occasional use and we become the center of attention (do not know if this is good or bad in fact) but it is fair to acknowledge that it is far sensations offered by a mechanical device or speed we can reach with the virtual keyboards of our mobile or tablet.

This device works seamlessly with almost any Bluetooth compatible device, including Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The maximum range of around 10 meters and the battery has a real range of about three hours. In short, it is a gadget that will not go unnoticed and perhaps the precursor of the keyboards that we will see in a few years. It is already available for 62.90 euro.